California Fourteeners

In mountain-climbing, a “fourteener” is a mountain that is taller than 14,000 feet. Look at this list of California Fourteeners. Follow the links to each one and learn more about them.

If you had to choose one, which would you most like to climb and why? Yes, you have to choose one.

Which one of the fourteeners would you least like to climb and why?

3 thoughts on “California Fourteeners

  1. I would like to climb Mt. Whitney because it is the highest one which would give me the best view.
    The one that I would like to climb the least is Mt. Muir since it is the smallest one.

  2. I would climb Mount Muir because it has the lowest elevation. and I would least likely to climb Mount Whitney because it’s the highest.

  3. I would like to climb Mount Whitney becuase it’s fastest and most popular. Mt. Whitney also has alot of wildlife like bears,marmots,squirrels.I would leat likely climb Mount Shasta reason being its not connected to any nearby mountain and rises abruptly.

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