6 thoughts on “Mount Everest Websites

  1. mt. everest Geographic, everest beyond the limit, and mt everest slide shows. i liked them because they were all intesting and it talks about people who tried to climb mt.everest and how you can die if you go to high.

  2. My top 3 websites of Mt. Everest is Everest Games, Millionaire Everest Game, and Mt. Everest Game. I like them because there games. It shows me how well i know the mountain.

  3. Mt. Everest Geographic, Millionaire Everest Game, and the slideshows. Becuase i learned more about Everest then i did before and the slideshows gave me a better look on how i see Everest Now.

  4. 3 websites:
    1.Everest Facts because it has and interview with Sir Edmund Hillary.
    2.Everest Games because it shows what I know about Everest.
    3.Everest Beyond the Limit because it has a video that shows us how its like seem through people’s eyes who’ve climb Everest before.

  5. 1.Everest test your brain-It expains when climbers ascend they not able to remember things easily, and it will be.
    2.Touch the top-It was intesting to learn about the only blind man who climb Everst.
    3. Everst Beyond the limit- I t shows how it’s like being on Evest through people who’ve climb it.

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