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  1. Camps
    Have you ever been on top of Mount Everest? Have you heard of the famous people who made to the summit? Do you know how many camps there are to climbing Mount Everest? Well I’m here to tell you about all the different camps. There are 5 camps to climb to & also there is the summit. It takes time, patience, and also confidence to make it to the top of Mount Everest.
    The first camp to climb to is Base camp. Base camp is the first camp you climb to and is also where climbers usually train and acclimatize at. It is also where people get adjusted to the decreased oxygen. Base camp is located at 17,500 ft. and also 3 miles above sea level. On base camp it is where the support camp stays at to monitor the expedition. While you are on base camp you practice and adjust to the decreased oxygen in the air by traveling and also bringing supplies back and fourth through the often treacherous Khumbu Icefall. Base camp is the main camp out of the other 4 camps.
    Camp I is the second camp that you have to reach before you make it to the summit of Mount Everest. It is located at 19,500 feet and it could either be stocked by the climbers as they ascend or descend the Icefall, or it could also be the Sherpas in advance. The area that is in the middle of camp I and camp II is called the Western CWM. While you are on camp I you start to ferry supplies to acclimatize at a successively higher camp. Camp I isn’t the worst camp to make it to yet.
    Then there’s camp II which is at the third camp to climb to and is also located at 6,500 meters. While leaving camp II then you reach the Lhotse Face. The Lhotse face is a steep icy and shiny wall, but it is not actually as difficult as the other challenges that you have to climb up to get to the summit. But one misstep or slip means the climber’s life. Yes many have lost their lives from trying to climb to the summit but there are still other’s who try to climb to the top. Camp II sounds like a camp that is very difficult to climb and overpass through, but with your confidence, bravery, tools, and patentees then you’ll make it to the summit in no time.
    Next is the fourth camp which is called obviously camp III. Camp III is located at 23,621 feet and is also the cost of reaching the summit. On camp III it is where you have better have brought the right equipment and also before climbing to the final ascent listen to your Sherpa before making the first move to the first ascent to the summit. Camp III is not the as bad, but the worst is yet to come.
    Camp 4 is the next one, which is located at 26,300 feet on the Lhotse Face. It is known as the death zone because the body slowly begins to deteriorate and die. Going down camp 4 is also difficult because of the fixed ropes. While going down camp 4 people choose to go down without using gas or oxygen because it is much easier. Be careful on camp 4, you’ll need it.
    Last but not least is the summit. The summit is located at 29,035 feet. It is the highest point on Mount Everest. When you are on the summit the air pressure decreases and it also contains 1/3 of oxygen at sea level. As you climb to the top of Mount Everest be quick and do what you want to do like take a couple pictures or something because you can’t stay up there for too long, you might not survive. Looking down or up from the Summit is a very beautiful seen to see.
    In conclusion Mount Everest is very interesting to learn about and is also something that I wouldn’t want to climb later. If you climb Mount Everest I wish you luck!

  2. Chuehue Thao
    Per 1-2

    Mt. Everest Camps

    Do you think one day Mt. Everest will be impossible to reach the summit? Mt. Everes is the tallest mountain on Earth. I’m going to talk about camp 1, 2, 3, 4, and the summit.

    Base camp is the largest camp on Mt Everest. It’s also the most important camp. Base camp starts at 17,600 feet. They weather is perfectly calm and is more than 3 miles above sea level. Base camp has all the supplies and equipment needed to climb the mountain.

    Camp 1 is the 2nd and last largest Camp on Everest. Camp one start at 20,000 feet, and is after the Ice Fall. Between camp l and camp ll, is the western Cwm. Camp l has lots of ice so when the sun shines on the ice glaciers, it creates a golden heap that can make climbers collapse. That’s why climbers start to climb before the sun comes up.

    Camp 2 is when it starts to get a bit challenging. It starts at 21,300 feet, has lots of snow, and you start to lose oxygen. It’s also where the Cwm is. Camp 3 starts 2,700 feet away from camp 2, which is 24,000 feet. If you’re at camp 3, you are traveling towards the Lhotse Face, which is at 27,300 feet. Camp 3 is very steep and most dangerous.

    Camp 4 is the closest to the summit. It is very down slope and while descending the camp, most
    people choose to go down the camp with out oxygen because it is much easier. Camp 4 is also challenging when you go down because of the thin fixed ropes, and your brain is mushed up.

    When you reach the summit, you have the best feeling ever. The summit sits on top of the world. Although you have made the summit, you can’t stay there for a long time because it has decreased air pressure so it’s almost impossible to stay on the summit for a long time with out an oxygen mask. It contains only 1/3 of the oxygen as at sea level.

    Mount Everest is the biggest mountain and most dangerous on Earth. It’s the mountain that most people die on and not much have succeeded. Mount Everest is located is Nepal, China. This mountain grows about 2.4 inches each year.

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