4 thoughts on “Would You Climb Everest?

  1. Chuehue Thao
    Per 1-2
    Everest ABC

    No, I wouldn’t climb it. Article number 14 in the Mount Everest Data Set said, “ a 34 year old British climber lies freezing to death.” I don’t want to die yet, and there would probably be a higher chance of my dying. I could take training and stuff for it, but I wouldn’t want to risk climbing any mountains.

  2. Maureen Xiong
    May 20, 2011
    Period 1/2

    No, I wouldn’t want to climb Mount Everest. I wouldn’t want to because I wouldn’t want to loose any fingers like in article 2 “ As for Everest , a record was set in 2001 by a 16 year old Nepalese boy who actually lost five fingers to frostbites during the climb!” loosing fingers is not something that I would want to happen to me, it wouldn’t be worth it. Plus $65,000 is a lot of money that I wouldn’t want to be wasting.

  3. ABC
    I think I wouldn’t climb Mount Everest because I want to live the life I ever wanted like a family of my own, and a good jog as well. In the article #17 it says, “ I don’t want reach the age that and not regretting not having done anything something I had always wanted to do.” If I where to climb mount Everest its going to cost someone a lot of money in order to get me to climb mount Everest.

  4. I would not like to clime mountain Everest because I would not want to die like David sharp, a 34-year old British climber who lies frozen to death over a rocky overhang. I think claiming mountain Everest is not worth the chance of losing my life.

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