13 thoughts on “Take Some Natural Disaster Quizzes

  1. on the wildfire quiz i got 6/12 correct… i didnt know as much as i thought i did about wildfires and i learned some new things….

  2. the wilfire quiz wasnt as easy as i thought it was going to be.. but i learned alot of new things about wildfires that i didnt know before..

  3. i think that one i took was pretty hard i got o out of 11 haha. But i found out some new things like that tyohoon is like another word for hurricane. And that the coriolis effect is when thunder storms spin clockwise.And i dint know that hurricanes are assinged in alphabetical order. 🙂

  4. the most interesting I’ve learned is that a hurricane can
    bring Tornadoes too!! because tornadoes can be found in hurricanes

  5. i doing great than last time because i read corretly on the question…i also learn many new thing about the natual disaster…..i want to learn more…..

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