Would You Climb Mount Everest?

Please type your “ABC” response to this question in the comments section of this post.

Then, please respond to two-or-three of the “ABC” paragraphs written by your classmates.


Do you agree or disagree with their choice to climb or not to climb?

Why? (Please make a connection to your personal experience, a text, or a movie when you explain why).

83 thoughts on “Would You Climb Mount Everest?

  1. I wouldn’t want to climb Mount Everest because of dangerous death zone. There are cold, avalanches, and scary heights. For a reason of those, I just wait and see. I have a connection, a connection that I read about the danger of climbing down from the summit of Mount Everest. Especially the Khumbu Icefall along with HAPE and HACE on high altitudes are all obstacles. In the Khumbu Icefall was where researching most deaths occurred from falling avalanches and ice.

  2. I would not climb MT. Everest because i would probably have goals that i would like to accomplish.
    So if i was to climb everest and die I would not be able to accomplish my goals. In the data set
    number 17. It states that “out of the the 189 people who have died in thier attempts. That this is a
    grusome reminder to those who try to reach the summit of how perilous it can be.”
    This is why i would not climb Everest because the statement is saying that it is really dangerous
    and you alot of people have died in their attempts . =)

  3. I dont agree wilth you because im not going to tdie from climbing a mount.

  4. I agree. I would not have much confidence if I saw a dead body on the ground. It would probably make me wanna go back down.

  5. I would climb Everest. I believe if 13 year old Jordan Romero could climb the top of Everest then why cant I. Jordan climbed several mountains and I believe I can do it. In the data set it states, “At the age of 10, Romero became the youngest American to climb Africa’s Kilimanjaro, and since then he has climbed four of the world’s highest peaks.” I think Jordan’s grate for all that but maybe a year of training for me could make me catch up to him if I just stayed positive and keep my hopes up.

  6. I think I would never climb Everest, because so much people died.
    As like the article number 20 in the headline data set of little is ” why climbers
    die on Mount Everest”. I know that climbing not self to everyone.
    It had to be slowly. Climbing Mt. Everest’s dangerous and I’m fear to death at Mt. Everest, because
    Nobody will take me down on earth to see my family. As like the article is “we know
    That climbing Everest is dangerous. But exactly how and why people have died had not been studied”.
    I don’t’ want go didn’t had not been studied it death like no any problem!

  7. i think i would not climb mount everest.the reason y i would not climb everest is because many people died because the illnesses people get or maybe if they just fell off the mountain.Here iz a quot from article 10 from the data set.”The detlydration effect of the altitude and the cold was making it essential to drink more than the accepted minimum of eight pints a day and to force oneself to eat weather one felt like it or not.

  8. That’s true you do need a lot of time to practice climbing and it will take several years.

  9. I want climb Mt. Everest because I don’t want climb a mount for nothing. A lot of people have die when they climb the mount the number of people that die for “climbing is about 189”. The located place where people die the most is at “THE DEATH ZONE”. This why I don’t want to climb Everest because maybe I will be one of those die people in Mt. Everest.

  10. I will climb Mount Everest because it looks cool and it looks really big and tall. And it looks like ill take like days or weeks because you need to stop to rest and eat and sleep and it gets cold at night. And it gets hard to breathe when you go more up. Like I’ve climb a mountain in Las Vegas when I was small. And I’ve seen people climb mountains too.

  11. No, I wouldn’t try to climb Mount Everest. I wouldn’t even think about climbing Everest. One of the reasons why I wouldn’t climb Mount Everest is because I want to go to the NBA and because they leave dead bodies on the mountain. For example in exemplar number 17 in the headlines data set in the second paragraph it says “Most of the bodies are located in the “death zone” the area above the final base camp at 26,000 ft.” whoever climbs Mount Everest is real brave and also real dumb. There is a 50/50 chance that you will live or die on Mount Everest.

  12. Mount Everest may be a life risking, exciting, and one in a lifetime chance for some people, just not for me. Personally I wouldn’t climb Mount Everest because it’s too dangerous. In the mountaineering data set, number 8, it quotes, “An “ice fall” is a feature of a mountain terrain in which a glacier falls so steeply that it creates a series of crevasses and ice pinnacles, it is one of the most dangerous features encountered on a mountain climb.” Just by reading this quote I had a lot of thoughts in what could happen to me if I were to ever climb Mount Everest. And the thought of me just standing there while huge chunks of ice are rapidly headed my way makes me afraid. I’ve never thought of cutting my life short for a mountain I’m not even going to finish climbing, I’m too young in risking my life on something that’s not even my passion of doing. Just like everyone has something they love to do, dancing is something I love to do, not mountain climbing. And that is why I wouldn’t even think about climbing Mount Everest.

  13. No, I would never climb mount Everest because it is very very dangerous and many people have died climbing the
    mountai. I mean it really wouldn’t matter if I climed the mountain because so many people have already climed it. I
    also wouldn’t risk my life just for mountain. Im very young and I have goals for my furture.
    “Above 26,000 feet, there is little oxygen that climbers bodies can’t adapt. Anyone who remains at this elevation
    will get weaker and weaker and eventually die.

  14. I agree with Ernesto. I have other things I want to accomplish in life that I might not get too if I risk my life climbing Everest.

  15. that right and there was 189 dead bodies and there was many bodies that frozen…..that must be crazy……..

  16. wow!!!! January is so cold i wouldn’t go climb on Mount Everest,…….

  17. omg i know right,i do agree with you brenda i would never risk my young life just for
    a mountain.

  18. yeahh you should accomplish your goals first,maybe you should give it a try some day and
    see if you make it to the top.lol.
    hey is there penguins up there?

  19. well i mean yeahh it is cold but if you really get prepared for it then do it. and especially like some harry people they wont get that cold.
    if you know what i mean.lol

  20. i would want to climb Mt everest i i was blind!
    it would be fun running into the walls.
    I wonder if he ran into wall while he was climbing!!!

  21. No I don’t want to climb Everest becouse peaple die trying to climb it.
    A 88 year old man was killed or he fell off.
    People who climb the mountain have no life.

  22. i agree. if i was to see a dead body i would problaby scream or vomit.

  23. i agree. i would problaby vomit or scream if i was to see a dead body.

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