Would You Climb Mount Everest?

Please type your “ABC” response to this question in the comments section of this post.

Then, please respond to two-or-three of the “ABC” paragraphs written by your classmates.


Do you agree or disagree with their choice to climb or not to climb?

Why? (Please make a connection to your personal experience, a text, or a movie when you explain why).

83 thoughts on “Would You Climb Mount Everest?

  1. If I had the time and the money, I think I would attempt to climb Everest. In the Headlines Data Set, number 8 titled “Spokane man becomes the oldest American man to climb Mt. Everest”, is about Dawes Eddy, a 66-year-old who summited Everest in 2009, becoming the oldest American man to climb the mountain. On his website it states, “When you turn 65 do you want to be over the hill or still able to climb the hill?” I think he makes a great point. Why should people stop being active or taking risks just because they are growing older? I hope I will always push myself to learn and try new things as I get older . . . because that’s what life is about!

  2. I think I would like to climb Mount Everest before I get too old. Article number 16 in the Headline Data Set, titled “The Oldest Man To Climb Mt. Everest, is about a man who is over seventy years old and is planning to be the oldest man to ever climb the mountain. It says, “Yuichiro Miura is in the midst of a three year training regimen that will include the climb to the top.” I don’t want to reach that age and regret not having done something I had always wanted to do. Taking risks to accomplish one’s goals is what life is really all about. Plus, don’t think I want to spend three years training for anything! It won’t take me as long to train now since I’m young and strong.

  3. I agree with Ms. Hull — I think it’s great that Eddy is climbing Everest. I am always trying to learn new things now — like how to do better teamwork on the basketball court and how to use computers. I hope I’m still doing the same when I’m in my seventies.

    Mr. Ferlazzo

  4. No I would not climb Mt. Everest because lots of people die there and there are lots of dead bodies that are left on the mountain “120 dead bodies remain of the mountain.” I don’t think that I would try to climb it because I don’t want to die.

  5. I don’t think I would ever climb Mt. Everest because lots of people died there.
    In the data set it says, “Of the 189 people who have died in their
    attempts, an estimated 120 of them remain there.”
    My question to everyone is Why do people want to climb
    Mount Everest when so many people die up there?

  6. same here people are crazy if they really have the guts to climb it…

  7. If I had a chance to go to Mount Everest I would not go because I don’t have any experience on climbing or I can die or freeze to death on Mount Everest. “Article 17 most bodies are located in the death zone, the area above the final base camp.” Some people die a lot on the death zone.

  8. I don’t think I would ever climb Mount Everest because so many deaths have happened. From the data set,” of the 189 people who have died in their attempts, an estimated 120 of them remain on the mountain.” Beside not climbing Mount Everest because all the deaths but also cause I’m very scared of heights and because the training takes a long process.

  9. I would not want to climb Mt.everest. in the Mt. Everest data set article 17, are dead bodies on Mount Everest it says”The simple reason that the bodies of dead climbers are scatteres about on Mount Everest”. Dead bodies on Mt. Everest would make me want to not climb Mt. Everest. I would not want to stumbble across a dead body, it would make me feel like I have a less chance of making it to the top of the mountain.I wouldent want to have my bpdy stuch on the top of Mt. everest even if there are choises I wouldent want people risking their time to take me back home.This reminds me of the a movie called vertival limit, a lot of people died in that movie this makes me wonder what wat there choise for what they want to have doen with their bodies.I would not want to climb mount everest for many reasons , but I would not want to see many dead bodies on the mountain.

  10. i wouldnt climb mount everest too because im scared to die or freeze to death

  11. Yes, I would climb Everest, Mountaineering Data set is about Wanda Rutkiewicz is one of the most famous woman climbers, she was the first person from polish people. She was last seen in 1492 on Mt. Kanchenjunga, preparing for a solo summit bid the following day. I don’t want to stay my whole life at home, I want to explore my life instead of sitting at home for my whole life, I want to have a challenging day sometimes and I think climbing Mt. Everest is challenging.

  12. i don’t want to die so I am not going to climb mt.Everest because it is a stupid idea. who would want to risk the chance of dieing and just be a history of someone who die.

  13. No I would not climb Mount Everest I think Is dumb because
    I wouldn’t train for along time just to climb it with a big risk
    or dying, the training and climbing takes a long time to just
    be a little bit of time up there and just come back down in a
    read aloud it said “six bodies had been found and two others
    had been abandoned” so I will be scared to just fall and die, so
    I wouldn’t do it

  14. I wouldn’t like to climb Mt Everest. Like in Article 14 titled “Adventurers Change. Danger does not.” Was about a man at 34 lay freezing to death. His name was David Sharp he died because 40 other mountaineers walk past leaving him to the loneliest of death and even at my young age or old age I don’t want to climb Mt Everest.

  15. i agree i would not want to climb Mt.everest.i would not want o see any dead bodies.
    It would make me feel like i have no chance of making it to the summit. I doubt anyone in this
    class wants to climb mt. everest.

  16. I’m not sure if I would climb Everest or not. Article number 6 in the Headline Data Set, titled “California Teenager wants to summit Mt. Everst”, is about the teenagers in California, and how video games, computers, and many other Medias used now a day interfear into the inportant things that teenagers should spend a lot more time with. But again it’s dangerous to try and do something like climb Mt. Everest.Maybe later on when I am a lot older I would climb Everest. But right now im too young and am not fully prepared phisically.

  17. yes i would want to climb Everest. i would want to climb Everest because like Conrad Anker says “because Everest pays” I would want to make money as well as climb Everest just for the fun o fit. that’s why i would climb Everest.

  18. I would not like to climb Mount Everest.
    In the cloze called “The Climate of Mount Everest.”
    It says, “In January, the coldest month, the summit temperature
    averages about minus 33 degrees Fahrenheit and can drop as
    low as -77 degrees Fahrenheit.” Mount Everest is very cold and
    I don’t want to risk my life or body part from freezing to death.

  19. I think would never climb Mount Everest. Article number 17, in the Headline Data Set, titled “Are the dead bodies on Mount Everest” is about the many dead bodies still on Everest. It states, “Of the 189 people who have died in their attempts, an estimated 120 of them remain there.” I’m not a person who would like my dead body just lying anywhere. Risking my life to climb Everest is something I would never plan on doing.

  20. I would not want to climb Mt. Everest. Because article number 15 made me decide to not climb Mt. Everest. The reason why i decided to not climb Mt. Everest. Is because in 2007 six people died trying to climb Mt. Everest. And out of those people that died were young men. And that overall 31 percent of people would make it to the summit and a 1.5 chance of dying. This is why I would not climb Mt. Everest because the risk of dying and the chance of making it to the top.

  21. i think that i would not climb Mt. Everest…I would need a lot of training and would need to be prepared. Many people have died up there… In the Headline data set its says, “of the the 189 people who have died in their attempts, an estimated 120 of them remain there…” It would be nice at first but knowing all the risks i rather not……..

  22. I agree with you there because I wouldn’t want to die like the other climbers that die up there.

  23. This is another example why i won’t climb Mt. Everest because people wont care if your dying.

  24. Yes, I would climb Mt. Everest. BUT, if only I had the time and money right. Why? Because seeing others climb the Mt. Everest && especially “teenagers” makes you want to go out there and do the same thing too. This is my opinion on if I would climb Mt. Everest.

  25. Yes I would like to climb Mt. Everest. In article number 4 “Snowboarding Down Everest” Stephen Koch climbed Everest and snowboarded back down. Even though he went during the mid-monsoon season he still became the first person to snowboard down Everest. It says “was Stephen Koch extremely brave, extremely stupid, or a bit of both?” I guess he was a bit of both if you ask me. It would be fun to do something you love at the risk of knowing that you might die doing it, seems fun. You only live once right.

  26. I Do and do not agree with Yazmin LOl, Sometimes i believe it is pretty dangerous and scary when you think about it but at the same if you really want to climb Everest you wouldn’t be as much.

  27. i agree, with your decision because it is very dangerous to climb Mt. Everest. Also knowing that its also very dangerous for someone to try and bring you down Everest if you are sick while climbing on the mountain, makes me think twice about climbing.

  28. Xong i kind of agree with you…Many people would not want to risk their lives and freeze to death…

  29. It’s true that people do tend to die on Everest but they are doing what they love right but it is true i would not want to die on Everest.

  30. I would like to climb Everest, but I will not risk so I don’t want to climb Everest. In the article number one in the dataset says, “we started to trip out” is when they are starting the trip to the summit of Everest. The African American Team is only full of African American and they are trying to be on the top of the world. I wonder how are they going to make it to the top? But it seems to me that they will surely make it. If they try their best they can do it.

  31. Would I want to climb MT.Everst? No, I wouldn’t climb Mt. Everest? NO, I wouldn’t climb my. Everest because it looks like you can’t get back down. A lot of people died from trying to climb that mountain, and if I climb that mountain I wouldn’t be dead from being high in the air, because the fear I would have. Another reason why I don’t want to climb it is because it’s a waste of time doing, and I want to live.

    People who climb that mountain have sometimes died. An 88 year old man died from climb the mountain. A lot of people can get tired and the rope can get cut.

    The people who climb the mountain are crazy. Even the blind people are crazy for trying to climb the mountain. It’s a waste of time, I think people climb the mountain because their board.

  32. i guess it just for the attention but its not worth it
    they are going to be tired for a while,i doubt its fun climbing mountain.
    but yeah i agree with you.

  33. I think I would like to climb Mount Everest. Page 65 in the read aloud about Erik Weihenmayer it titled “Erik is not impatient or smug.” He does not care what anybody says about him being blind and climbing one of the highest peeks in the world. I was surprised, that he climbed, and reached the summit of Mount Everest. He is also, the first blind person to climb Mount Everest. I wonder how many years of training took him. If I was blind, that would completely change my answer to a no.

  34. I would never climb Mt. Everest because it’s something I would never consider doing. First of all its to dangerous second of all its to much money some people have different thoughts they think its worth paying 65,000 dollars because its something they love in my case I wouldn’t pay that much money because its something I lover or would ever do. In Everest narrative data set it says “Above 26,00 feet ,there is so little oxygen that climbers bodies cant adopt. Anyone who remains at this elevation will get weaker and weaker and eventually die.” So as you can see even oxygen is a problem up there so imagine all the other dangers there is to confront and go through so I would prefer to not walk into my own death and risk my life.

  35. i disagree, with your decision because you didn’t have enough statements to back up your decision. but again that’s why people are trained and ONLY climb when fully Prepared !

  36. I wouldn’t climb Mt. Everest. Cause article #14 in the headline data set, it’s about “a 34 year old British climber who lies freezing to death while 40 other mountaineer walk past, leaving him to the loneliest of deaths.” I don’t want that to happen to me people just leaving there to die.

  37. I would not climb Mount Everest because is too dangerous for me. Just like the article number 17 in the headline data set “Are there dead bodies on Mount Everest?” There were 189 dead bodies at the attempt. Also, most bodies were locating in the “Death Zone”, that final base camp at 26,000 feet tall. There was also many dead bodies that frozen in time. For me, I don’t want to waste me time to climb on Mount Everest. I don’t need to be a famous climbing person and I want to give my time to play with my family and have fun with them. People who climb on Mount Everest are they out of their mine to climb at 29,035 ft tall.

  38. Yes I would climb Mount. Everest because we all going to die eventually .And life’s a risk, so why not climb Mount. Everest ? I got this information from the Mount. Everest data set. I would climb , because I want to be in the news , and even if I don’t make it to the top I want to be known as a person that climbed Mount. Everest .People of all ages are climbing there’s a 13,16,71,88 possibly even more.

  39. I agree with Celina.If I was blind I wouldn’t climb. It would take way too much work.

  40. I would not climb Mount Everest. “In Everest narrative data set number 30 I say above 26,000 feet there is so little oxygen”. I don’t want to die because I can’t take a breath.

  41. By reading Meuy’s ABC, I would probably regret choosing to climb Mount Everest. I did not know, they had so many dead bodies still in Mount Everest. Who would know, I might be one of them. If i tried to climb.

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