Writing Exercises And Games

Try these writing activities and games. If the first ones are too easy, try the next one. Each one gets a little harder.

Five minutes before class ends, please leave a comment saying which activity you liked the best and why:

“I liked ______________ the best because ________________________.”

The New News

The New News 2

The New News 3

Bitesize 2 Writing

Making Sentences

Bitesize 3 Writing — Here, do everything that is labeled “Activity.” Be sure to turn-on the subtitles so you can read what is being spoken.

Virtual Traveler

Writing Tutorials

6 thoughts on “Writing Exercises And Games

  1. i like the game…BESIZE 2 WRITING
    because it has to many words..also because that game help to spell better…and because its so fun 🙂

  2. i liked the new news 3 because it has different category and this game not to eassy and not too hard to play.

  3. i like this game making sentence because it help me to understand every in the whole world i am the samrtest in the world

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