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  1. Dear Landlord

    I am writing this letter to complain you about several problems in your house. In your house I want you to fix these problems. For example your houses have broken toilets, broken doorknob, and win down cracked. Some don’t flush and other over flows. That why I complain you because I want to fix these problems and make clean. These problems broken doorknobs, win down cracked, and broken toilets are very dangerous and bad to your tenants. I want you to fix these problems.

    Also the air conditioning too because it can not working well and I want you to replace the air conditioning. The broken toilets, win down cracked, and broken doorknobs are call the plumber to fix it.
    Then you will save money and your tenant will pay the rent on time. Because your tenants are living in a comfortable and the house is clean. That we will giving you about three week to start working on these problems that I complain you .We aren’t saying they have to be all fixed up, but we want you to start it. If you don’t fix we are going to call the health department to reports these problem.

    Thank you
    Yang yeng

  2. Hi, landlord, I am having a letter to write to you that I have complained and several problems that you have not taken care of here at your house. For example, why some other landlord they are taken care of their house. Some fly it coming inside the house because that you not come to fix the door and window. And get hole in the walls in the hallways inside the house. And have hot air from outside is blowing inside our house. And have dirty of the house too. And have many of rats run in the hallway inside the house at night. This problem is very effect me because I hate those things that have many dirty inside the house many rats, roaches, and mosquito.
    If you do the following things that I have wrote the letter to you about the problem then you sure call exterminator to kill the bugs inside our house. And maybe you sure call the repairmen to fix those things inside the house that have dirty, broken window, and broken door.
    If you fix those things inside the house then will have many people say that be interesting more beautiful in the house and clean the house to make more people say that our house is so beautiful in front or get more informetion to interesting.

  3. Hi, landlord I have a problem that to my home and I complain you that you did not taken care of stuff that is happen in the apartment landlord. It many tenants complain too many things in is apartment and their say that too much things have broken. For example, toilets and some flush are broken, and other overflow is not good enough. They can’t not stay like this anymore. It too dangerous for that to live in apartment and also bad for them to live.

    The second things is happen to tenants is rat and roaches in everywhere home because the landlord did not take’s care of apartment. Maybe landlord is too lazy. The last problem to everyone that stay in the apartment it that many walls have holes on and can’t not fix, but the landlord also don’t care about what happening to tenants in every home. This cause is that landlord lazy to tell people to fix home and to come to fix every home in the apartment, but the landlord didn’t not fix every problem in landlord own apartment. It problem that effect to everyone in the apartment is that people will have death, dangerous to them, their body will not health or they cannot eat food in the home because the home dirty and also smell bad to tenants that they complain to landlord. They should complain about that because they pay bill will no reason to them or not respect to tenants in the apartment.

    This solution is that landlord should call a plumber to fix broken toilets because tenants will gave better to want to stay that apartment. Also landlord needs to take care problem of roaches and rats because people from tenants are not happy to live in apartment. Last thing that landlord need to fix the holes are each home that tenants live because everyone will not sick and not gave mean to landlord. If you fix the toilet, then you will save money on your water bill because they want to continue to live .The good pros is that landlord needs to do a lot for thing in the apartment and also that landlord fix things in the apartment and no tenants will not complain to landlord. The good pro is have to be fix is that landlord need to hire someone to fix the problem that happen in the apartment. The consequences are landlord is not fixing and tenants will move to other place that better or save more money. The right thing it that landlord not fix then you need to move out of apartment.

  4. Yer Her
    Ms. Hull
    Dear land lord,
    I am writing a letter to complain about my house. The house doesn’t have air-conditioning and heater. Also sometime have many of roaches too. I have two window is broken and my toilets is not very good. If my air-conditioning is broken when summer comes it will be hot for my family. And my heater will not work when winter is very cold. In my house have many roaches then it is too ugly. Also my toilets are broken and don’t flush and others over flow. My window is broken and it can make me scared because in the night it will have some people come in.
    You have to call a repair company to come and fix air-conditioning. Also you need a roach’s man to kill the roaches and to replace window. You need to call a plumber restart toilets.
    Yer Her

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