Learn About Persuasive Essays

Review these sites to help you learn about writing a persuasive essay.  Please write three things you’ve learned in the comments section.

Here’s a Fact and Opinion game.

Try another Fact and Opinion Game.

Here are lots of fact and opinion activities.

PBS’ Arthur has a simple Facts and Opinions game.

It’s A Fact!

Making Connections

Argument is an activity from the BBC. Other activities connected to it are:




The BBC has another activity called Argue, Persuade, and Advise. Revise is a connected exercise.

Earthlings, Unite! is an interactive sample persuasive essay.

The Joystick of Learning is another interactive sample essay.

Hungry Students Can’t Study
is one more sample essay, though it’s not interactive.

Here’s an accessible tutorial on writing a persuasive essay .

Students can quickly and easily create a “map” of their persuasive essay here and post its url on a student or teacher website.

Try this persuasive essay outline generator .

Persuasion Map is from Read Write Think, but it can only be printed-out, not saved.

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