Create Your Own Newspaper

Think about the kinds of things you are most interested in — Hmong life, soccer, novella’s, cars, etc.

Then go to Newscred. You will create your own online newspaper that only has articles on the things you’re interested in.

Mr. Ferlazzo and Ms. Hull will show you on the projector how to set-up you paper. Once you’ve created it, please write the topic of your paper in the comments section of this post and copy and paste its url address. You and other students will be able to read it at home or when we come to the computer lab.

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    go click on it please

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  32.   tri Says:,hmong.

  33.   Shafqat Says:

    Hi Everybody – I’m the cofounder and CEO of NewsCred. I just wanted to say that we were all excited to see these brilliant newspapers being created by your class. I’ve taken a look at all of them, and I hope you guys will continue to read them regularly. Let us know if you have any feedback.

    To the teachers: a huge thank you for introducing your class to NewsCred!


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