Turn Your Biographical Essay Into A Slideshow

You are going to use Bookr to turn your biographical essay into a slideshow.

Use your introduction, the topic sentences from each of the paragraphs in the body of your essay, and your conclusion. Look for pictures that will match what you have written.

If you know how to use PowerPoint, and would prefer to use that, you can do so.

12 thoughts on “Turn Your Biographical Essay Into A Slideshow

  1. Jomine Beia
    Oprah Winfrey’s Biography
    Do you know that Oprah Winfrey is the most creative talented on
    TV show. Oprah Winfrey is a important actor because she talk to people
    About their life or their biography.

    There are many events in Oprah Winfrey’s life which make her happy
    And strong person that she was. For example first Oprah Winfrey was born in
    January 29, 1954. Second in 1971 she began to work on radio and television .
    Third she was raised on a Missippi farm by her grandmother.

    There are several challenges in Oprah Winfrey’s life. Firs Oprah’s step
    Mo died couple years ago and she was close with her. Second Oprah has
    Never been married but she has been engaged to him. Third she don’t
    Have brothers and sisters.

    There’s also an accomplishment in Oprah Winfrey’s life. For example
    First she is good at talking to people about their life. Second she is an good actor
    Last she talk in public to all people.
    I think Oprah Winfrey is important to me and all of the people in this world
    Because she start talking on radio when she was three years old. And she is now
    Famous because of her show and how she talk to people about people’s life
    And how to took care of yourself so you could have an healthy life.

  2. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Who is martin Luther king Jr.? What kind of things does he do to help people? Martin Luther king is an African American person. He becomes a leader to help his people to get the same rights like other people.

    There are several important events in Martin Luther King Jr. He becomes a leader of all African American people and he also helps his people to get the same rights like other people. He graduated from More house College. He is a person that loves to learn.

    There are several important events about Martin Luther King Jr. He always put his energy into school and church. When he went to music school he also meets a girl. Her name is Coretta Scott. King also marries this girl. He has become minster of Dexter Avenue Baptist church, Montgomery.

    There are several important events in Martin Luther king’s life. He want to have equal rights in peaceful way way. He has become a leader for not very long and he got shot by a bad person. The world was very sad for the loss of his strong leader.

    Today, his word still inspires some people because there still be person who want to be like Martin Luther king Jr. This is important to me because I want to become a leader.

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