25 thoughts on “Write Your Biographical Essay

    Cheng Xiong
    Period: 3-4

    Do you know that Jay Chou is a pop and singer? He is important because they like how he sing and dance. He went to a school. He also practices to dance. Jay does a lot of concert.
    Jay Chou is important in his life. People like how he sings. He is known as the king of pop. He goes to Fudan University. He especially goes there to dance. He was proud to go there.
    Jay Chou has faced a lot of challenges. He had hard time when his first time learns how to dance. He practices to sing and dance together. He makes a movie that is about basketball. He practices to make his voice to sound good to make his first album.
    Jay Chou has accomplished this in his life. In 2000 Jay has released his first album. Hong Kong awards for his role of the Golden Flower. Jay Chou biggest concert is called the Youku.
    He is important because that I like how he sing and dance together. I like his voice and echo. I practice so 1 day I will be good like him. I learn how to dance by copying him. I think if I try hard enough I will become good at it.

  2. What were it be like to be a famous South Korean singer.Tae yang had many important events. Tae yang was born in may 18, 1988. Tae yang father name was Kim Ha- Neul and his mother name was Shin-Hyeon-jun. The school that tae yang go to is North Carolina, Florida, Texas, California, and South Korean.

    Tae yang faces many challenges in his life. He is very shy and it hard for him to make friend. He was known for being scared of girl, and is still the shy, sweet and sensitive one in the group. He was shy when he practices to sing a song.

    Tae yang had many accomplishments in his life. He is a South Korean singer, hip hop, and dance. For several stand up exceeded the 100,000 make in sale. He have been not shy when he practice to sing a song.

    Tae yang is important because he know how to dance and sing so people like him a lot. He is important to me because I also like him too, the way he dancing and singing.

  3. Abraham Lincoln

    How old do you think Abraham Lincoln was when he became the 16th president of the United States? Abraham Lincoln was important because he was a great president in the Untied States.

    Abraham Lincoln have many important events about his life. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky on February 12, 1809. Lincoln learned to read and write by borrowing books. Abraham married to Mary Todd, and together they have four children. Abraham Lincoln becomes the 16th president of the United States. Lincoln decide to become a lawyer, he built a law and became known for his honesty and fairness.

    Abraham Lincoln faced many challenges in his life. Lincoln doesn’t want to become a farmer like his father. Lincoln lost his mother when he was 10 years old. It hard for Lincoln to find a good job. Also when he came of age he did not know much.

    Abraham Lincoln had many accomplishments in his life. Lincoln lost the election to the United States Senate; he gained national attention as a good public speaker and politician. Lincoln won election to the United State House of Representation. He worked as a rail- splitter and store clerk at a local shop and read avidly in order to education himself.

    Abraham Lincoln was important because he was a great president in the United States. Abraham Lincoln was important to me because he shows that any of us can overcome any challenge.

  4. Lue Chang

    Jackie Chan
    What would it be like to know Kung full? Because Jackie Chan
    Is a master of Kung full and he is also win a martial art torments.

    Jackie Chan has many important events. First he is a master of Kung full, second he wins the martial art torments, and the last he help young people in a variety of warty, cause, and serves.

    Jackie Chan has many challenges. First Jackie Chan family was so poor and they don’t have enough food to feed Jackie Chan so they try to sell him to a doctor, second is that he want to be a movie star, last is that he don’t know to speak English at first.

    Jackie Chan has many accomplishments. First he has a lot of money in the bank, second is that he done many movie and some call new first toll word, and last is that he learn Kung full when he seven year old.

    Jackie Chan is a master of Kung full and he is also win a martial art torments. Jackie Chan is important to me because he is a master of Kung full and I want to learn Kung full from him.

  5. April 24-10
    Period 3-4

    Jackie Chan

    Do you know who is famous in movie actor? Jackie Chan is famous in movie actor.

    Jackie Chan has many important events. In April, 1954 Jackie Chan was born on Shandong China. When Jackie Chan was born he family was poor. Drama Academy is Jackie Chan’s school.

    Jackie Chan has many challenges in his life. Jackie Chan’s family was poor. He wants to be a movie star to get money to help his parent. He doesn’t know to speak English when he goes to Hollywood.

    Jackie Chan also has many things that he accomplishment. He had been a movie star. He done many movies and one movie he does call New Fist. When Jackie Chan was seven years old he learns kung fu.

    Jackie Chan is famous in movie actor. Jackie Chan is important to me because my family was poor in Thailand when I was born and I want to be famous too.

  6. Wandee yang
    May,21 2010
    King Tut’s Life Essay
    King Tut greatest craft king.
    King tut was born in 1785 he was chosen to be a king by as a young man since he get choose he change rules and rights and he was the first king who had done things that no one knows his father forced him to marry his half sister witch is the girl called start with Ma… something like that I forgot 

    King Tut got bad injury.
    King tut second years of king he want to buy more camels and want to build another pyramid but his pain has appear quickly from the heart to the head and to the brain he got fainted he did not enjoy his life so much living with the disses. Is sad to me but people love him  he died by the last strongest brain injure a hour before he die he fell on the stair with 2steps and hit his head he cant breathe.
    King Tut left everyone behind
    After 2years Egyptian thinking back all the hard work and all the craft he had left over is famous stuff the started to praid him as GOD  and that’s all I learned
    XD is king tut famous mummy  in museum or pyramid now  my English is no goode 

  7. Laura Gonzalez
    Sonia Sotomayor’s biography

    Can you imagine being the first Hispanic in the supreme count in the United States? Sonia sotomayor is the first Hispanic federal judge in the United States.

    There are a few important events in Sonia Sotomayor’s life that help her be in the place that she is now. She completes her undergraduate studies at Princeton University on a scholarship. Also in 1991, President George H.W. bush appointed sotomayor as a federal judge. And in 1997, president bill Clitor chooses her as judge for the U.S. court of appeals for the second circuit.

    Although Sonia sotomayor complete so many things she also had a few things that stuck her in her way. Sonia Sotomayor was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of eight. Another obstacle that she had is that her father died when she was only nine years old. And another thing that she had to go on with was that when she was in the university on a full scholarship she was too intimidates to ask a question.

    Besides all her obstacles Sonia has many accomplishments. Her nomination was the first made by a democratic president in the last 15 years. Another thing that she does is that she put a end to a strike among major league baseball players by injunction against baseball. And she is the first Hispanic federal judge in the state.

    For this reasons she Sonia is an important person for all the people and she inspires me because she show me that I can do all the things that I want to do besides all the obstacles that I have.

  8. Jomine Beia
    Oprah Winfrey’s Biography
    Do you know that Oprah Winfrey is the most creative talented on
    TV show. Oprah Winfrey is a important actor because she talk to people
    About their life or their biography.

    There are many events in Oprah Winfrey’s life which make her happy
    And strong person that she was. For example first Oprah Winfrey was born in
    January 29, 1954. Second in 1971 she began to work on radio and television .
    Third she was raised on a Missippi farm by her grandmother.

    There are several challenges in Oprah Winfrey’s life. Firs Oprah’s step
    Mo died couple years ago and she was close with her. Second Oprah has
    Never been married but she has been engaged to him. Third she don’t
    Have brothers and sisters.

    There’s also an accomplishment in Oprah Winfrey’s life. For example
    First she is good at talking to people about their life. Second she is an good actor
    Last she talk in public to all people.
    I think Oprah Winfrey is important to me and all of the people in this world
    Because she start talking on radio when she was three years old. And she is now
    Famous because of her show and how she talk to people about people’s life
    And how to took care of yourself so you could have an healthy life.


    Do you know that Jackie chan is a movie star? Jackie chan was famous because he a movie star and he know kung fu.

    Jackie Chan has many important events. He was born in 4-7-1954 and he birthplace is in Shandong, china when Jackie Chan family was in china they was poor and Jackie Chan went to schools called drama academy in china.

    Jackie Chan has many challenges and he want their family to be rich their family was poor. Jackie Chan wants to be a movie star and Jackie Chan wants to learn kung fu.

    Jackie Chan has many accomplishments in his life Jackie Chan was famous because he has been a rumored to be a vegetarian actor. When Jack Chan was seven year old he went to kung fu school and he finally become a movie star and knows kung fu.

    Jackie Chan was famous because he a movie star and he know kung fu.

  10. Chou vang
    Per ¾

    How Michael Jordan became a pro basketball played? Michael Jordan is important because he is a pro basketball played and he could jump so high. I like Michael Jordan because he a great player and lots of people know about his life.

    Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York and he was born in February 17, 1962. He have two Brother James and Delores, he was moved to Wilmington, North Carolina when he still a toddler. Michael Jordan is professional basketball players; also he was practice so hard when he stills a young boy.
    Second when Jordan in college he also practices basketball played and plays basketball too. When he left college and entered the NBA in 1984, he was professional played in his NBA basketball played team, why he became a professional basketball played? Why the whole worlds know about Michael Jordan life? I would like to meet Michael Jordan because I want him to teaching me how to shooting and jump high like him.

    Third when Jordan in Laney high school he also join basketball player. I want to be a professional basketball played like him because if I’m a pro basketball played like him because if I’m a pro basketball lots of people would like to meet me like him. How come Michael Jordan he jumping so high. Why he practice so hard in a basketball player?
    Why should the whole world know about this person? Why did I learn about the person? I learn about how he jumps so high and learn about how he became a pro basketball played. Why no one can’t jump hella high like Michael Jordan? How come he in the selected third in the draft? How hard about Michael Jordan life? Is hard about his life when he play basketball with his brother Delores Jordan and he can’t not win his brother.

  11. Ze lao
    Thomas Jefferson
    How old do you think Thomas Jefferson when he became a third president of United Sates? Thomas Jefferson was important because he is a good president of the United States.

    Thomas Jefferson had many important events in his life. Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia on April 13, 1743. He went to collage and studied law. He also joined a group of people that who wanted freedom from England.

    Thomas Jefferson had many challenges in his life. Thomas Jefferson wanted to keep the U.S. out of the Napoleonic ware in Europe. He literary skills and political clarity broth him to the forefront of the revetment in Virginia. His also constitutional limitations on his power combined with his own lack of executive energy.

    Thomas Jefferson had many accomplishments in his life. Many people were asked him to write the Declaration of Independence. In 1800, Thomas Jefferson was elected as the third president of the United States. He also set up the Louisiana Purchase.

    Thomas Jefferson was important because he is a good president of the United States. He is important to me because he show you how good he is when he became a president of the United States, he also helped the country to stay self.

  12. Keng yang
    Date: 5/24/10
    Period. ¾
    Gen Vang Pao

    Why the Hmong people like Vang Pao?
    Vang Pao are important in Hmong because he help all Hmong peoples in the world. They are sacral important even in Vang Pao life which help make him strong person that he was. Vang Pao was born an December 8, 1929. Vang Pao was help Hmong peoples.

    Vang Pao have many problems.
    In June 2007 he was arrested and put in jail. The government though that Vang Pao come to U.S.A to get money to go back to Laos and help the Hmong people. Hmong people are helping Vang Pao to get out of the jail. Vang Pao have problem with Vietnam.

    Vang Pao had done many things.
    Vang Pao done that the Hmong peoples are come to the U.S.A Vang Pao done with fight with the Vietnam. Vang Pao done people are happy that the Hmong people came to the unite state.
    Vang Pao have done that

    The world learns about this person that they can be like him and good person and help people are poor. I learn about this person that this person is cool and good that he help Hmong people’s lots. If I grew up I will do like him and help people.

  13. Ong Thao
    Michael Jackson
    Have u ever know that Michael Jackson is famous in the world? Michael Jackson dream is a singer because that is his dream.
    Michael Jackson was born on august 29,1958.He born in united states. He start became a singer with his four brother in the pop group the Jackson five when he was a child.Wneh he was a child his study dance hard and he always study singer. He goal is a singer person in his life he want singer only. He didn’t stop his singer, because that was his goal and he want singer.michael Jackson is the famous in the world.
    Michael Jackson graduate when he was 18 years old. Also he have a lot of problem on his challenges. His challenges one his study singer and dancing. His goals so hard, because that is study singer. He think his grown up he will became a singer person to show his music to people. That is true his goals is going like he dreams. Everything he did is so hard but he keep going to do his job.
    Michael Jackson accomplishment is a singer, write song, dancer and celebrity icon with a last catalog of hit records and countless awards to his credit. Michael Jackson want to be a singer famous in the world. This is he dreams and his goals. He finally became a singer. Have a lot of people want his music. They really want his song and want to see his dance. Michael Jackson know a lot of singer n dancer. He is a good person too and his want people to respect and watch his video.
    Michael Jackson is proud that his is a singer person. He is very happy and his dreams is a singer. After that his got married with Lisa Marie Presley. His life is great .But he is pass away because his drink something to make him death. His wife and his mother, father sad and they cry.

  14. Truong Huynh
    George Washington

    Did you know many interesting facts about George Washington? George Washington was important because he is a person who brings freedom to America people and for the entire world. Who can give people responsibility and ability? George Washington helps people who were immigrant and let us be in the America, that why anyone have difference race in America.

    George Washington has many interesting facts about his life. George Washington was born in February 22, 1732. He had born into a Virginia. When he died on December 14, 1799 and10: 00 PM his age 67. George Washington he had very little education because he helps his families worked. Also he doesn’t have go any school. He never went to college or studied another language in the world. The next, George Washington did not have children’s with his wife, but he did have two step children from Martha’s previous marriage, that have one boy and one girl. Finally, George Washington before he becomes president he lived in small house at Virginia.

    Another, George Washington has many challenges about him. George Washington was trains slacked in discipline and he never has enough supplies. Also George Washington he has hard works to became the first president. He went to New York liberty to found any information about his life. Finally, George Washington on December, 1799. After this time he is riding horseback for several hours in cold and snow.

    Did you know George Washington became the first president in the United States? Staring his career as a planter in 1748, he went on to join the Virginia forces to later join the army of the United States. In 1754 George Washington was appointed the lieutenant colonel for mission to Fort Duquesne against in France. George Washington’s role in the expedition was an exhibit of excellent leadership skill and courage.

    In conclusion, I hope anyone in the world think about George Washington because he can bring more freedom for us. Also he helps us communicate with each other. George Washington helps people who were immigrant and let us into the America to get better life and more freedom.

  15. Neng Thao
    Bruce lee

    Did you know Bruce lee first fighting movies martial Artists. Bruce lee is important because he is a good man, he was kind to his family and teach kung fu to his people how to be a good fighter like him.

    Bruce lee has many important event. Bruce lee was born lee Jun fan in San Francisco on 27 November 1940. Bruce lee spent 5 years in the school. His skills as Bruce lee family. Bruce lee got a wife, they got one song Bruce lee die, Bruce lee was die in 7/20/73.

    Bruce lee has many accomplishments. Bruce lee first fighting movie is martial artists. Bruce lee was kind to his family and teach his son brando lee how to be a good fighter like him. Bruce lee was teaching people about art fighting. He was a good man, he told people about his fighter how good he are.

    Bruce lee has many challenges. Bruce lee was in middle class. Bruce lee was born in San Francisco when he was 5 years, he already no Bruce lee live on as one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century and a Chinese American icon. When Bruce lee’s firsts stop hurting and when the battle at Oakland began to fade away, his determination to find a perfect fighting method never abated. Using wing Chun Kung fu’s as his base.

    Bruce lee is important because he is a good man, he was kind to his family and teach kung fu to his people how to be a good fighter like him. I learned from the Bruce lee is a great fighter and learned about his is a very kind to people. One thing I learned is that Bruce lee and his son was dead.

  16. Zang Thao
    per 3-4
    Bruce Lee

    How could Bruce Lee be the most fighters that people like in this world? Bruce Lee important because he is a good man, he told people about his fighters how good he is. He also fast and he make a lot of movies about fighting and people like him a lot too.

    Bruce Lee had many important events. Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, November 27, 1940. Bruce Lee spent 5 years in the school. His skills as a fighter, Bruce Lee family, Bruce Lee got a wife, they got one son name Brandon Lee and one daughter name Shannon Lee before Bruce lee die. Bruce Lee was dying in 7/20/1973. His son was dying in 3/31/1993.

    Bruce Lee was in Middle Class. Bruce Lee was born is San Francisco when he has 5 years. He already new how to speak English. Bruce Lee fought his way from the mean streets of Hong Kong to internationals superstardom. This fascinating program examines the short, meteoric life of one of the most celebrated kung fu masters of all time. When Bruce Lee first stopped hunting, and even when the battle at Oakland began to fade away, his determination. Using wing chum kung fu’s techniques as his base.

    Bruce Lee first fighting movie martial artists. Bruce Lee was kind to his family and teaching his son Brandon Lee how to be a good fighter like him. Bruce Lee was teaching people about art fighting. He was a good man; he told people about his fighter how good he is. Bruce Lee jump high and he is fast too.

    Bruce Lee important because he is a good man, he told people about his fighter how good he is. He also fast and he make a lot of movies about fighting and people like him a lot too. I learn about fighting and about his life.

  17. Chang Moua
    Date. 5/24/10
    Period. ¾

    The Best Basketball Player

    As a child, were you allowed to practice playing basketball a lot? Michael Jordan was an important basketball player he was a pro basketball team.

    There are several important events in Michael Jordan life which helped make him the stronger person that he was. Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963. He accepted a basketball scholarship from the University of North Carolina. He is the greatest basketball player ever retired age 40, for the third and final time in 2003. Jordan was played basketball for Laneytligh School in Wilmington, North Carolina.

    There are some of the things he finish or did. He won the NBA’s Most Valuable player award five times, and six times led the Chicago Bills to go the league championship when he was a freshman in 1982. He helped the University of North Carolina win the collegiate national championship. He was also a part of the 1984 and 1992 U.S. Olympic basketball teams that won the gold medals.

    There are some of challenges of Michael Jordan. He has allegedly paid knave $ 25, 00 to keep their relationship a secret. When the DNA test showed Jordan was not the father of the child. Labor James is actually a better basketball player then Michael Jordan because he never the faster, strongest, largest physical presence on the court. He could not go to rim at will, by force, through every opposing player fouling him across the face, and then finish could do it.

    Why should the world learn about this person? What did I learn from this person? The world learns about this person because he is the best basketball player in the teams. He was jump very high and people very like his shoe call “Jordan” and “air Jordan.” What did I learn from this person? I learn that he jump very high and he is the pro basketball player.

  18. Deissy Silva P.
    “A Great Painter And Inventor”
    Did you know who painted the “Mona Lisa”? Leonardo Da Vinci is an important person in the painting life, also a great friend and a best inventor of 1500s.

    There are several important events in Leonardo’s Da Vinci life. Leonardo was born in the small town of vinci. In 1802 Leonardo entered the service of Cesare Georgia, and in 1506 Leonardo again went to Milan.

    Also there are several challenges in Leonardo’s da vinci life. Leonardo was first of all the son of a peasant girl and a rich young notary. He was a bastard child so he was physically strong he was a dandy of sorts and he likes to wear elegant and expensive clothes.

    In Leonardo’s Da Vinci life there are so many Accomplishments, Da Vinci was an architect musician, Engineer, Scientist , and inventor. He sketch the first parachute Helicopter, The first Aerospace, First Tank, Repeating Rifle, Swinging Bride, First Puddle Boat, and first motor car. Also Leonardo has many paintings one of his greatest pieces is “the Mona Lisa” he took 6 years to painted. The Following years he was named court painter to King Louis XII of France who was the resident of Milan.

    I admire Leonardo DA Vince because hes a great inventor, scientist, architect, musician, engineer and a great painter. I admire his developed an intense interest in monarchistic subjects. People should learn and idmire him because he invented a lot of things that’s why i

  19. Pathy labin

    Oprah Winfrey

    Would you like to working in the radio and television
    Broadcasting? Oprah Winfrey is important because she works in the television, and tells what is happening next.
    Oprah Winfrey had many important events. She was born January
    29, 1945 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Her father was barber and businessman and her
    Mother working maid cleaning house. Her parents are not live with each other.
    Oprah Winfrey has challenges. She was the first African producer, actress, and talk show host. She is the youngest woman anchor the news at Nashville’s WTVF TV.
    She also reaches heaveast237pound, in 1992.
    Oprah Winfrey had many accomplishments. In the year 1971, she joins
    Radio and television broadcasting. In 1976, she moved to Baltimore, where she
    Hosted TV show. When she was become a leader she give opportunity to every African girls.
    Oprah Winfrey the fist black woman working in the news. She is important to me because she tells what will be happening next. This makes me like this program


    What is a hero?? A hero is someone that tries hard to make goals no matter
    How many times she keeps trying Ana Gabriela Guevara is an example of a
    Hero that why I choose her!

    Ana Guevara was born on march4, 1977 in Nogales Sonora.
    Her career began in 1999 carrying out diverse tours partipating in her first
    International competences. Her first major victory was the gold medal in the 400m
    In Canada. A year later she quailed to the 2000 Sydney Olympics going to the

    Ana Guevara became one of the icons of Mexican sport after winning
    The 400 meter gold metal et the 2003 world championships Paris an her Olympic silver medal run in Athens in 2004 besides that she manager to elevate women from a lower position in Mexican society great sport stars of the country.

    ANA GABRIELA GUEVARA will always be remembered by all Mexican because
    Of what she has done, and she will be always in our hearts because she became the number one runner in Mexico and several times the best in the world.

  21. How would it feel be a famous star the world know? Michael Jackson had won awards and many people know him for his music and dance. Michael Jackson had many important events in his life. He was a truly star because he helped many people and his songs and dance were perfect. He became a star when he was a young man. Michael Jackson albums were famous in the 60st and 70st. Michael Jackson had also many challenges. Michael Jackson reputation was badly because of sexual abuse in both occasions he was innocent. He divorced his ex-wife Lisa. He dies at the age of 50 in 2009. Michael Jackson had many accomplishments. He won world music awards bestselling. His studios were albums today had become famous and classic. Michael Jackson is one of the greatest stars in the world. Michael Jackson was like every normal person. But he had done so much and he is knowledge for his music awards, dance and many more things. He helped many people and his vocal was perfect.

  22. Karen sagrero
    May 24, 2010

    Sonia Sotomayor

    How would you feel to be the first Hispanic U.S Supreme Court? Sonia is important because she is the first Hispanic women U.S Supreme court.

    Sonia Sotomayor has to many important events, she was born in June 24, 1954, in Bronx N.Y her parents where from Puerto Rico. She graduated from cardinal Spellman High School in 1972. Also in 1979, she graduated from Vale Law School after she was a law journal editor. In 1991 she was recommended for spot by Democratic New York, Senator Daniel Patrie.

    Sonia had to deal with challenges from a very early age. She developed diabetes when she was 8 years old. Her father died of a heart attack at age 42 when she was9.

    Some accomplishments of Sonia sotomayor. She had wanted to become a judge since she was in elementary and on may 2009 she accomplish her goal, the president of the united state Barack Obama selected Sonia Sotomayor for associated justice of the supreme court of the United State. On Aug 6, 2009 by 68-31 vote and was commenced by president Obama the same day she would be the first U.S Supreme court Justice and be the third to serve the high court.

    How would you feel to be the first Hispanic U.s Supreme court? Sonia is Important because she’s the first Hispanic Supreme Court. I think that she’s strong woman who gave all she could to achieve her dream and her goal.

  23. Vang Pao KIA YANG

    Do you know why Vang Pao is important to Hmong people? Vang pao is important to Hmong people because he always protest Hmong people. And lest no body do bad thing to his people.
    Vang pao was born on December 8 1929 in central xrangkhuang province in north eastern region of Laos. So when he moves to the u.s of America, he is a soldier. So on July 2007 under significant press urea from vang pao Hmong and inventorial America supports the California federal court ordered the release of the Hmong leader. On the u.s $1.5million bound scored by promptly owed by members of his family.
    When vang pao still young his family is rich, and they live in xrangkhuang. The war of 20 century destroyed many million of people who once lived in the hillside and valleys of remote formal, world. The Hmong led against communism in Southeast Asia. They last everything their land, their way their courtly, and life of people.
    Vang Pao who turned80 one Christmas day the guerrilla larder of enthrone minorities who help the United State fought against the communist movement since early 1965 United the fall of vie rang in 1975. Vang Pao say it time to forget. The pass and to lived with government in Laos peacefully. Because of Vang Pao, tense of thousand of Hmong were able to immigrate to the United State better the war.
    This is all about my person that I write about it. He is important so I write about it. And he is the best leader of Hmong people, also he always powerful in the world.

    George Washington

    What did George Washington do before becoming president? George Washington was president centuries barrack Obama. but he helped people in the country to have a better life, just like current president Obama. Washington was the first president of the United states. George Washington had many important events as president of the new country. He learned quickly how to make the country a better place to live.

    George Washington was born on February 22,1732.he died December 14 ,1799, as the first president of the united states, George Washington, is often referred to as the father of our country. George Washington’s family included his wife Martha Washington, and they had two young children. George Washington schooling was young teenager when he wrote school exercises between 1745 and 1748,

    George Washington faced many challenges he faced, It made the president use the force to enforce the law and allowed. Then there was the raising of the patriotic army against the continental army. This was a very big challenge because the soldiers didn’t have any training and many more were dyeing for there was not enough food to around. some of his biggest challenges were having to run the country. The new type of government had never really been used before. He was trying this fir the first time, walking where no one else hadn’t, George Washington was not the most important issure for which George Washington is remembered. Some of his fellow founding father. But Washington was a slave-owner for all of his adult life and he lived in Virginia. Because of this and his president position in American public life, Washington’s use of slave labor and his views on an important paradox of American history in the coexistence of slavery and liberty.

    George Washington was the commuter in chief of the continental Army during the American war of independence 1775-1783. He was the commander in chief of the united states army 1798- 1799 he helped millions of people. He was the first president of the us 1789- 1797 by jhs 58 bithday.George Washington 1732 -1799 was a landowner and officer in the virginal militia in colonial American and as a young soldier fought in the French and Indian wars. He was member of the us continental congress and became a great commander in the Revolutionary war. After the war he was elected as the first president of the united states of American in 1789.

    This person important. Because George Washington was president centuries before Barracks Obama. But he helped people in the country to have a better life just like current president Obama. Washington was the first president of the united states. I learned from the person George Washington make me remember president in my country I learned a lot about him .because he make me learned more E

  25. Why martin Luther king, Jr important to people in these years? I think the reason why king important because he fought for civil rights movement about his race.
    Martin Luther king, Jr had many important events in his life. He was born in 1929 in Atlanta, his father was a reverend and so king had a religious upbringing. He graduates from college with a degreed a PH.D. In Boston he met a woman call Coretta Scott and they married and had two sons and one daughter who were born in this family.
    DR.King, Jr faces many challenges in his life. When he was young boy, he had a friend but he’s white they always play with each other, until the law and race begin to happen. The white children and his friend don’t want to play with him anymore because of his skin color. After those years when he became older, the police arrested him and take him to jail. He
    effort to meet some of their ghettos so that he can form a march and fight against the law from the government. Martin had accomplished in his life. He fights for civil rights movement for member of his race. Also he emerged as a Negro leader of the first ranks. Martin likes to read and he wrote five books as well as numerous articles. In 1951 he enrolled studies at Boston University.
    In my conclusion I think martin Luther king was important because he fought for civil rights movement about his race’s think he is important to people because he was smart and know how to make his own speech to a lot of people and he make black and white live together.

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