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Week 35: Reflections on Sixth Grade and Elementary School
Think about your time here at Bancroft (or your time in elementary school if you've recently joined us. Think about this year in Room 11. What are some memories that you have that you'd like to share? What things have you done and learned? What peopl (More)
Week 35: Open House
Hello parents, and welcome to our classroom! Here are some of the things we do online that students wanted to share with you: We sometimes write on o (More)
Week 34: Sharing at Open House
Next week is Open House, what things that we have done on the computer should we share with parents? Please send a comment sharing what you think we should share. Photo Credit: More)
Week 32: Probability
Do some math probability activities: Robotic Rock-Paper-Scissors More)
Week 31: Choosing a Topic for Science Fair
Your work today will be to come up with a topic and question to research for your science fair project. Here are some sites to help you do that: Science Fair Projects for Kids (More)
Week 30: Starting our Unit on Ecology and the Ancient Americas
We are starting some new units on ecology, and Ancient Meso-America. This week I’d like you to: Send me a comment answering the first question, then one more question from 2-5; What is something you learned at the Tour of Nations? (More)
Week 29 Final thoughts on our last unit...
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Week 27 and 28: Reflecting on Heat Energy and Ancient China
Your assignment this week and next is: Answer one of these two questions: What is something you learned about Ancient China as we studied this chapter? What is something you learned about Heat Energy as we studied this chapter? Write (More)
Week 24: Starting on Music, Ancient China, and Heat Energy
We are starting some new units on music, Ancient China, and heat energy. This week I'd like you to: Send me a comment answering two of these questions; What are you looking forward to about studying these units? Is there something you think (More)
Week 23 Wrapping-up Unit Three
Please answer the following survey: Loading... (More)
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