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Week 22: Persuasive Speeches
This week I will give you an opportunity to research on your speech topic and get information and facts to make your speech more effective. Please research your topic and get at least three facts about it -- send me a comment with what you found (More)
Week 20: More on Rhetoric
Please go to this speech, by President Ronald Reagan: "A Time for Choosing" and listen to the entire speech (it's only four minutes). Send m (More)
Welcome to Week 17
Today, we will concentrate on what we learned today about slavery in America. Go to the links on slavery at the right-> Write about your impressions of slavery based on what you learned there, or in the readings and pictures from earlier. Se (More)
Week 18: Public Speaking
This week we begin to prepare to write a persuasive speech, a speech that attempts to convince others of your position. We will start by reading and listening to some great speeches. Some of those speeches are here: More)
Welcome back!
I hope that your vacation went well. We will be starting to study Ancient African and Indian civilizations, Earth's ecosystems, and about people who took a stand even when it was difficult. Which of these are you looking forward to learning more abou (More)
Go to our wiki and login (More)
Welcome to Week 11
Today you will be doing online research on one of the early ancient civilizations we are studying in class. Please look to the right, and you will see links for Early Civilizations. You can go to the sites listed there. After that, send me a comme (More)
Week 8: Why should you have your own blog?
Please send me a comment listing why you should have a blog of your own, and what you will do on it. It should have writing at a sixth grade level. That means complex and compound sentences, not simple declarative ones. It should describe and have de (More)
Week Seven in Room 11
Once you have submitted a comment, please log in,  go to last week's comments and reply to someone else's comment. Make sure your comment is positive, (More)
Week Six in Room 11
Please tell me what you think perseverance is in three sentences. Give examples (people who persevered), give descriptions (what they did that took hard work and determination), and give an argument for why perseverance is important and why people sh (More)
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