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Americans Move West
Research about the More)
The United States Gets More Land
WITH A PARTNER: Complete this assignment on the U.S. becoming a World Power. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo. More)
New Inventions Change The United States
Research three inventors and create a data set on each one. ON YOUR OWN: Watch this video about American invento (More)
Go to this interactive on Booker T. Washington. Just complete the movie questions. You will need the code from Mr. Ferlazzo WITH A PARTNER: ON YOUR OWN: Watch this (More)
Invention Project
Working alone or with a partner, you have to do a two part project. FIRST PART: Identify three American inventions created between 1870 and 1920. You can use the sites in the previous post to find information, you can look at theMore)
End of Year Survey
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End of Year Survey
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Reviewing Self-Control
Here is the video on the "Marshmallow Experiment". Please watch it: Here is a slideshow with tips about how to improve your self-control. Please read it: More)
Looking back, looking forward
Google Docs Please send me a comment with five (5) sentence (More)
Biography Project - Find Famous People Fast! Macmillan/McGraw-Hill: California Vistas 3rd Grade More)
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