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Slavery In The Colonies
As a Class: We'll watch this movie clip from "Amistad": Amistad Interactive With A Partner Watch this animation about the More)
A New Country Is Born
On Your Own Watch this movie on the American Revolution. Please take both quizzes. Watch this movie on More)
Americans Fight For Freedom
On Your Own Watch this movie about the Thirteen Colonies. If you do not go there directly after logging-in, find the movie under Social Studies. Please tak (More)
The Bill of Rights
ON YOUR OWN The Best Resources For “Bill Of Rights Day”   WITH A PARTNER Read More)
The Constitution
On Your Own SAS Constitutional Convention Watch this move about The U.S. Constit (More)
Benjamin Franklin
WITH A PARTNER Copy and paste this Data Set about Benjamin Franklin in the comments section and categorize it. Complete More)
George Washington
On Your Own Read and categorize this Data Set on George Washington. Watch More)
Is There Slavery Today?
With A Partner Read Is There Still Slavery Today? On Your Own Go to More)
Risk and Consequences Lesson 6b: Frustration, part 2
What situations can cause you to feel frustrated?  What sorts of things frequently make you feel frustrated? (More)
Risk and Consequences Lesson 5b
Here is the slideshow with the tips I just shared with you about how to improve your self-control: More)
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