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Hello world!
Welcome to our class blog, which will be like a class Website. Here you can find: <= To the left Our class calendar; To the right => Links related to what we are currently studying Do an activity related to what we have been (More)
Answer this survey on Unit 4
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Hello world!
Welcome to Room 11! This blog will be used for announcements and to share our published writing publicly. If you\'d like to share a thought, leave a comment below. Because you aren\'t logged in, your comments will not appear until I approve them, BUT (More)
Lesson 5: The Value of Education
How much is education worth to you? How much more money will you make if you spend more years on your education? Look at this poster and tell me what you see in two sentences. More)
Perseverance Lesson 4
I will be pulling you to the back to share your goals, in the meantime, please do the following activities until the timer rings: More)
Cooperation and Competition and Obama's Speech
We've just watched part of  President Obama's speech to students on education. Does he talk about ideas related to cooperation and competition? What do the ideas of cooperation and competition have to do with doing well in school? Please send me a co (More)
Obama Speech
We've just watched President Obama's speech to you about education. He asks you to set goals for your education. What goals do you have for this school year? Please send me a comment of two sentences sharing your goal or goals. Below is the President (More)