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Who Do You Think Are The Greatest Americans?
A television channel did a poll to find out who people thought were the Greatest Americans, and then ranked them from the most important to the one hundredth most important. Think abo (More)
Working For A Better Tomorrow
ON YOUR OWN: Watch this movie on Fighting Hunger and take the quizzes. WITH A PARTNER: Spanish Language Preview: More)
America Since The Year 2000
Complete this activity about the Electoral College. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo. This was a controversial issue in the 2000 election. More)
A Changing Nation
ON YOUR OWN: Learn about the Internet and the History Of Com (More)
The United States As A World Leader
Learn about the OPEC oil embargo and limitations of America's power. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo. Lea (More)
The United States And Its Neighbors
Complete this activity. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo. ON YOUR OWN: Watch this movi (More)