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Did you know that ...
Dear ToKers, Given that our most recent guest speaker revealed some of our need for (Ahem...cough...shall I say to be more well informed about current events) awareness of international events, I want us to play a game that I am calling \"Did you (More)
Ethics Case Studies
Check out Ethics by Chris Coey 1. Peruse from the list of articles. Which topic speaks to you? 2. Read the article. 3. What is the ethical dilemma or ethical (More)
Should Bradley Manning receive life in prison for releasing document to Wikileaks?
I think the story of Bradley Manning, young whistle blower,  presents an interesting and real life story for us to consider. This coming Monday, April 1st, John Reiger, a social justice activist for "Veterans for Peace," comes to present and facilit (More)
Ethics and Real-Life Situations
Dear Thinkers, How might we use the 'ways of knowing,' or our 'intuition' or one of the 'moral paradigms' to guide us through the process of determining what is right and what is wrong? How can our approach, lens, or theory shape how we think abou (More)
Culture and Heritage: Immigration
Becoming a US Citizen What did you learn about the culture of some of the immigrants shown in the video? How is it different or the same as some of the cultures in the United States. Photo Credit: More)