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Mountaineering With Mr. Taylor
Everest Equipment
Research what equipment is needed in order to climb Mt. Everest. You can find a list here, or explore More)
Create An Everest Picture Data Set
Go to Spaaze and register, if you have not already. Look at the categories you used for your Everest Data Set. Look for images on the Web to create a Picture Data Set using those same categories. Find a (More)
World Famous Mountains
Look at this chart of the ten tallest mountains in the world. Do some research on them using the Internet. Without including Everest, if you had to pick one you were (More)
California Fourteeners
In mountain-climbing, a "fourteener" is a mountain that is taller than 14,000 feet. Look at this list of California Fourteeners. Follow the links to each one and learn more abo (More)
Mountain-Climbing Slideshows
Watch these online slideshows about mountain-climbing and read the captions. List the five most interesting things you learn, and five things you’d like to learn more about: More)
Another Everest Webquest
Please answer the questions in this Mount Everest Webquest. Go to the links to find the answers to the questions. Copy and paste the questions and type answers out on (More)
Tall Places
What is the highest physical place -- mountain, volcano, a tall building -- you have ever been on? Please describe it, when you were there, who you were with, and how you felt when you were there. Would you go there again? Why or why not? W (More)
Body Disposal Form
Before a person climbs Mount Everest, they must fill-out something called a “Body Disposal Form.” In this form, the climber says what they want done with their body if they die while they’re on the mountain. There are three choices — leave it on t (More)
Mount Everest Websites
Look at the Everest Websites on the ARW page of Mr. Ferlazzo’s Website. Which are the three you like the best and why? (More)
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