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Video Games
Play Phantasy Quest using the walkthrough Mr. Ferlazzo gave you. Phantasy Quest Two (More)
Write Subtitles For A Movie & Make A Movie
Write subtitles for a movie at Bombay Movies, email it to yourself, and post the link at the comments section. After you're done, More)
Join game here (More)
Projects For CAHSEE Days
Use Google Storybuilder to convince someone of something. Paste the link in the comments. Pick movies from Bombay Movies and (More)
Online Video Games
Use the "walkthroughs" to play these online video games: GAME: Neighbor WALKTHROUGH: Neighbor Walkthrou (More)
Create A Learning Game
First, get your folder with all the materials on Natural Disasters. Next, go to Purpose Games and register. Then, create a multiple choice game with at least five questions. Publish it, and paste the (More)
Learning Games & Exercises
Try these learning games and activities (you can only play these for the last fifteen minutes in Mr. Williams class): Headline Clues Into T (More)
Try Out These Games
Try out these new games at Learn English Teens. Be sure to play the games on the first and the second page. Also try out More)
Play "Draw A Stickman"
Play both episodes of "Draw A Stickman." (More)
Online Video Games
Play these online video games with a partner using the walkthroughs: The Office -- Walkthrough More)