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Home Test
Go to this link Also, go to this second link. (More)
\"Home\" Activities
Explore the many activities here: Home Afterwards, try Everyday Life Activities. Decide which ones you like best and li (More)
\"Home\" Video
Perseverance: Research Skills
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Perseverance Research: Google Wonder wheel
Today we are going to try to Narrow down your research topic. You will need to have your topic with you, or know what you chose as your topic (see below). Type your topic in the Google search box at the top right of your browser (More)
Sixth Graders Show Their Motivation
Perseverance Report: Reliability of Web sites
Today we are going to work on how reliable or accurate or correct information on  Websites are. Please go to this site and read about the  Pacific Tree Octopus. More)
Perseverance: Starting our posters
Today, you will be making posters showing perseverance. Here are the steps you need to take: Go to Motivator and on the first line where it says "Choose photo" click on Flickr; (More)
Perseverance: What does it look like?
Today, we will look for pictures that show perseverance. We will be using the photos to make our own More)
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