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Perseverance: What does it mean?
Go to the following sites: Visuwords™ thesaurus: perseverance Lexipedia (More)
Perseverance: Self Control
Deferred gratification or delayed gratification is the ability to wait in order to obtain something that one wants. -Wikipedia Why (More)
Perseverance: Setting Goals
What goals do you have for the school year? Please write a sentence below sharing what you will try to do. (More)
The Year in Review Lesson 1
Please look back at these goals you set at the beginning of the year. Answer the following questions: What was your goal? Did you mee (More)
Testing Review Lesson 1: Your thoughts
Loading... (More)
Taking a Stand Lesson 5: Perseverance and the Civil Rights Movement
I want you to think back about our first unit, Perseverance, and to think about what that quality has to do with the Civil Rights Movement. Go back to More)
Perseverance Lesson 6b: Frustration, part 2
What situations can cause you to feel frustrated?  What sorts of things frequently make you feel frustrated? (More)
Perseverance Lesson 6: Frustration
frustration: an annoyed or impatient feeling that you get when you are prevented from doing what you want - McMillan Dictionary What do you feel like when you are frustrated? How does your body react? What do you usually do when you are frustrate (More)
Perseverance Lesson 5
Here is the slideshow with the tips I just shared with you about how to improve your self-control: More)
Perseverance Lesson 5: Nobel Peace Prize
Today we're going to learn more about the Nobel Peace Prize. You can go to either or both of these sites until the timer rings: The Nobel Peace Prize More)
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