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Final ToK Book Comment
Hey ToKers, First of all, you are awesome, as always. Please review your last comment about \"acquiring knowledge.\" Then, reply with a thought-provoking comment. Second, please respond to this question in a 50 -100 word response: A) In your (More)
What\'s Your Learning Style?
Take this learning style quiz at Edutopia and answer these questions. 1. What is your learning style according to the quiz results? 2. Do you (More)
My Teachers
I have two teachers. My regular teacher is Ms. Mercer. My math teacher is Mr. Howell. (More)
Metaphors We Live By
Greetings children, I hope you are up for thinking about the power of metaphorical language, which we know is ubiquitous. For Lakoff and Johnson's original article, "Language, Thought, and Culture," you can find the link on this web page under the (More)