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Music and Art
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\"You Are So Beautiful\"
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Visiting Mr. Navarette's Beginning Band Class
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The Creature's Final Monologue
I used the text from the creature's final monologue (the last two pages of the novel) to create this wordle image.  Do you see (More)
Victor Frankenstein Wordle Image
Cultural Anthropology
As a cultural anthropologist, your job is to research as much as you can about the customs, beliefs, rituals, and history of the culture you are observing.  Working with one of your colleagues, determine which topic you would like to research.  Your (More)
Bless Me Ultima Rap
Congratulations on posting your first comments to our site.  I noticed that many of you followed my instructions and explained the significance of your quote and how it developed the novel.   Reply with either comments of support or questions of clar (More)
Welcome to our class web site!
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