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Pseudoscience or Science?
What is pseudoscience? More)
The Natural Sciences
Dear Thinkers, I hope to be with you all tomorrow, Tuesday.  Thank you for all of your awesome questions related to math as an area of knowledge. Special thanks to those of you who posted responses to your peers. All of the ToK grades have been (More)
My Teachers
I have two teachers. My regular teacher is Ms. Mercer. My math teacher is Mr. Howell. (More)
Changing America Lesson 3: Immigration in the past
This week we'll be learning about what immigration to the United States looked like in the past. First, go to this link, and look at where people have come from has changed: More)
Changing America Lesson 2: The States
Learn about different states by going to this link and doing activities: Explore the States Then write about one thing you learned abou (More)
Changing America: Lesson 1b Geography
What do you know about geography? What did you learn today and on Monday? Please share two things you have learned or know about geography in a comment. (More)