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The Pilgrim's Thanksgiving
AS A CLASS: Watch the movie Thanksgiving. Watch this movie about Thanksgiving. (More)
The Spanish Explore America
AS A CLASS: SAS Spain In The New World Watch this movie about the Spanish explorers (More)
The First Americans
We are going to begin learning about the First Americans, also called Native Americans. Write down information you can add to your categories. AS A CLASS: We will watch this movie on More)
Buffalo Hide Paintings
Native Americans in the Northern Plains painted stories on the skins of buffaloes. They are similar to Hmong story cloths. WITH A PARTNER Read about Buffalo Hide Paintings. ON YO (More)
The English Settle America
AS A CLASS Watch a movie on Pocahontas Watch More)
Christopher Columbus
Add information to your Christopher Columbus Data Set. from these movies and articles. AS A CLASS: We'll watch a movie on theMore)
The French Come To America
AS A CLASS: We will watch this movie about the French and Indian War. Watch this clip from the movie \"Last Of The Mohicans.\" Based on what we hav (More)