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Please look through these links: The Best Resources For Learning About Sports and Fun More)
Sports Research Essay
Please write your sports research essay in a Word document, and then copy and paste it in the comments of this post. Also, please leave a comment on another student's essay. Structure it as an "ABC": The question is: What did you like about thi (More)
Astronomy: Closing Our Unit
Please share your favorite word from you Astronomy A-Z book, and what it meant. (More)
Astronomy: Reflecting on what we learned
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Astronomy: Research for A-Z Books
Today you will continue your research on your Astronomy glossary. Here are some sites to get you started on your search for your Astronomy A-Z project: A to Z of Astronom (More)
Astronomy: Writing About Galileo
Today, I want you to put all of your writing together into a six to eight sentence paragraph. Use copy and paste to copy your work. Start with one of the topic sentences you wrote last time. Add your big idea and detail (tell me more) sentences a (More)
Astronomy: Galileo
The Solar System from Image Editor's photostream on Flickr (cc license) What idea does Galileo have about the Sun and Earth? (More)
Astronomy Lesson 4b: More Main Idea and Paraphrasing
You will do a Google search to find a resource, or go to one of  these links. Find a paragraph to summarize or paraphrase (that means to put it in your ow (More)
Astronomy Lesson 4: Research - How to paraphrase
You will be learning an important lesson in research, how to put things into your own words, so you are not copying the words of others. This is important, because just copying is something called More)
Astronomy Lesson 3b: Research Topics
Now is the time when you get to pick a topic to research in Astronomy. Send me a note with two choices of topics you would like to look into and write about. Possible topics: A planet (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus) (More)
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