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My Fovorit Movie and Movie Siries
My favorite movie is Star Wars: Episode III, when Anikin fights Obi-Wan Kenobe. My favorite movie series is Star Wars. I like the Jedi and the force in the movies. (More)
Star Wars
Do you like Star Wars? I do. I would love to be a Jedi and use the force. (More)
Star Wars VII
I can't wait for Star  Wars VII. It is called Heir To The Empire. Just look at my avatar. (More)
What Should Happen in Star Wars VII: Heir to the Empire
Star Wars VII should star out with Grand Admiral Thrawn planing to become the new Emperor of ten new Empire. But he realizes that he needs someone with the force to be the Emperor. So he searches for the person who is the heir to the Empire. Than he (More)
Fifth Graders on Astronomy
Watch what we learn about Astronomy and space... (More)
Risks and Consequences Lesson Five: Going into Space Safely
Having humans go into space was a risk. Many things were done to make it safer. Read these and share something you learn about why the clothes astronauts wear make them safer: More)