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May 2015 ToK Essay Prompts
Hey ToKers, Welcome back to LBHS! As some of you have heard by now the ToK Essay \"Prescribed Title\" have been released, and I\'m pleased to report that the prompts are fantastic! They are very accessible and relevant to our course of study toget (More)
May 2014 ToK Prescribed Titles
Dear Diploma Candidates, The May 2014 ToK titles have been released. I suggest working on your ToK essay soon before you have all of your time consumed. More)
ToK 2013 Essay Schedule
As we’ve discussed, IB has recently decided to delay providing essay “prompts” until September 1st. The essay you write this year will not be sent to IB, but will still count as half of your semester grade in this class. The process we go through wil (More)