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Final ToK Book Comment
Hey ToKers, First of all, you are awesome, as always. Please review your last comment about \"acquiring knowledge.\" Then, reply with a thought-provoking comment. Second, please respond to this question in a 50 -100 word response: A) In your (More)
Reflecting on your thinking and the Ways of Knowing
As we look back and think about the ideas we have encountered, how are you thinking about your thinking now? Which questions about the ways of knowing are most interesting? And what are the implications for how this thinking and awareness may influen (More)
My Teachers
I have two teachers. My regular teacher is Ms. Mercer. My math teacher is Mr. Howell. (More)
To what degree do you have emotional intelligence?
Dear ToK students, Many experts now feel that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of success than traditional IQ tests. See how you stack up with this test. This takes about 45 minutes, so set aside enough time. More)
Risks and Consequences Lesson Five: Going into Space Safely
Having humans go into space was a risk. Many things were done to make it safer. Read these and share something you learn about why the clothes astronauts wear make them safer: More)