Jun 06 2014

Sample ToK Essays!

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Stephanie Nunes ToK essay provides RLS examples and detailed analysis of AoKs. She concludes with a discussion of the implications for what/how we can know.

yovanna-wge2ky Another former LBHS student who wrote a personal and analytical essay.

The following essay and examiner comments use the previous grading rubric; however, the essay does provide some valuable insights into the genre of a ‘critical thinking’ essay.

Senses Essay Examiner comments

Senses Essay

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May 29 2014

Final ToK Book Comment

Hey ToKers,

First of all, you are awesome, as always. Please review your last comment about “acquiring knowledge.” Then, reply with a thought-provoking comment.

Second, please respond to this question in a 50 -100 word response:

A) In your book, how do ‘language’ and ‘key concepts’ construct or shape knowledge?

B) Which metaphors are use to convey knowledge? How effect is this in shaping what we know, believe, or claim to know?

Thanks so much!



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May 19 2014

ToK Summer Book and Movie List

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Hey ToKers,

Given that we have some additional time to freely explore different perspectives, I am offering this book and film list to enrage, enlighten, and envelope your fragile egg-like minds with ToKness (yes, it’s now a noun)

ToK summer reading and viewing list!

Your first post is due Monday, May 26.

Please answer the following question in a 50-100 word response with at least one specific quote from the book to support your response.

1. Which approach to gaining knowledge is explored in your book? How is “acquiring knowledge” discussed?

p.s. I just read this fascinating article, Eight Pseudo-scientific Climate Claims Debunked by Real Scientists. Fabulous! Great information for anyone living in a republican controlled state, e.g., Texas or Florida.

p.p.s. If you are considering another ToK presentation, I would strongly encourage you to consider Bill Moyers’ website and journalism as fertile ToK ground. He has already planted and grown; it’s up to you to harvest!

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Apr 02 2014

ToK Presentation Resources

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Hey ToKers,

Here are several resources we will use to develop our presentations.

ToK Presentation Proposal example


Presentation Planning Document 2015

Chris Coey Flipboard Magazines with Real Life Situations


The following three documents are related to a ToK presentation, which scored 8/10 marks:

presentation 1 TKPPD_en

presentation 1 ppt_en

Examiner comments exemplar 1

ToK Presentation Assessment Rubric


The following slide shows received high marks for their attention to the knowledge question, different perspectives, and explaining the process for gaining knowledge.

Jovina Vangs ToK Presentation

Linh and Josue

Theory of Plate Techtonics

Kind Regards,

Mr. Coey

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Mar 21 2014

Knowledge Questions — Religion

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Dear ToKers,

1st–Select one of the following questions, and TRY to view it through at least two distinct religions perspectives. Perhaps you can view this one question through your religious perspective and the perspective you recently researched.

2nd–Post your comment with specific examples, reasons, or arguments from BOTH religious perspectives.

3rd–Then, respond to your classmates’ posts/ideas with questions or comments.

Knowledge Questions:

1. What is the difference between religious feelings, religious beliefs and religious faith?
2. Is it possible to know God?
3. Are religious beliefs reasonable?
4. Is faith irrational?
5. Where do religious beliefs come from?
6. Can you think of any evidence which would convince you that God does not exist?
7. What is the value of thinking about questions to which there are no
definite answers?
8. How do we decide between the competing claims of different
religious knowledge systems?

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Mar 14 2014

Religious Concepts and Language

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Dear ToKers,

1. Research a religion unfamiliar to you. For a partial list of religions, please consult this list from the BBC.

2. Which key concepts are vital to understanding this religion?

3. How is language used to shape this particular view? Is this language metaphorical? Symbolic? Or is it meant to be understood as literal? Which words or phrases are central to this belief?

4. Raise two knowledge questions centered around the ways of knowing.

5. Post your observations, examples, and questions on this class website

Due Monday at the end of class.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Coey

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Feb 23 2014


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Jan 15 2014

What is art?

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Thinking about art as an ‘area of knowledge’ can be both exciting and daunting depending on your comfort level. It might be appropriate to ask, “Is art knowledge?” This question might lead to us to think about the distinction between personal knowledge and shared knowledge.

For this assignment, research various works of art, which might be of use to your Art Presentation.

1. Try flipping through the art articles in my magazine:

Check out Arts by Chris Coey


2. Also, look at the links provided on this web page.

3. Post a comment about a work of art you found to be ‘knowledge’ and discuss whether you see this work of art as relating to personal or shared knowledge.

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Jan 08 2014

Who is Peter Paul Biro?

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The writing in this article is quite in-depth. I really appreciate the initial paragraphs about Thomas Hovings’ sense of intuition. If you want to read about Biro, you’ll need to scroll waaaay down the article. Enjoy!

Click here for the New Yorker article on Peter Paul Biro!


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Jan 02 2014

Did you know that …

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Dear ToKers,

Given that our most recent guest speaker revealed some of our need for (Ahem…cough…shall I say to be more well informed about current events) awareness of international events, I want us to play a game that I am calling “Did you know that…?”

In this game, the rules are simple:

1) Find a current event of international importance

2) explain how this event relates to our study of ethics as an area of knowledge

3) Do NOT duplicate events; in other words, you must read what others have posted prior to posting your current event. If someone else has ‘your’ event, then you must continue researching.

4) Begin your post with the phrase…”Did you know that …” (Be sure to embed the link to the article you are referring to in your post)

Bonus) discussion of ‘ways of knowing’

Suggested online news agencies: RT, PBS, NPR, Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Democracy Now, Bill Moyers, Tavis Smiley, and Comedy Central.

Due: Monday, 6 January, 12:01 a.m.

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