I love my family there is always fights with families but at the end of the day you love them.My family is crazy I have two brothers and three sisters.My oldest brother is in Italy with his son Domanik and they have another on the way,My sister is in Australia In college called Hillsong University its a christain college she is in a relationship with the youth paster Im very happy for her.My mom is a hard working women who doesnt give up.When my mom was in labor it was 9 11 the day of the terrible inccodent.My mom literally held me in because it would be terrible if I was born on that day but im happy that she didnt give up.M dad is amazing he has three degrees and I look up to him.FAMILY dont give UP.

Why is it that kids cant just ”ummmmmm” have FUN

Kids are always working from school to homework witch I find affensive. Dont get me wrong we all like recess but maybe its something to keep us from having real fun.Kids always get in trouble at recess lets tell the people were not GOING TO STAND FOR THIS WITH capaital n.I just dont want to always have someone watching you.Come on lets have fun. I your with me you will just yell out yah if your reading this.TELL IT TO THE PEOPLE.


From Pitbull to Yorkie big to small

Hey everyone Im Julian Lawrence I have always had a love for dogs.I believe i should share it with you.The Leonberger, the leonberger is one of the biggest dogs ever If your looking for a lion type dog its yours.These dogs are not dangerous at all but heres the thing what if that dog gets mad?lhaso Apsa is so cute I have one his name is Charlie. These dogs are one of the very few dogs that dont shrd they shed the same amount as us.This is because they have hair not fur.They are one of the best watchdogs in the WORLD.