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  1. In my ideal neighborhood in want to have some houses, houses, apartment, parks, and school to be nearby because it makes it easier for me to go to school, make friends, and save me some time. I offer that most of the neighborhoods live in this area are Hmong, Thai, Mexico, and White people. Most of them are young and old people. Most of the people that stay in this area are riches people because they have good job to do.
    I designed my neighborhood this way because I want to have the neighborhood that stay quiet and stay nearby houses, apartment, parks, and school. I want to have the pretty big houses and beautiful color on it. I like to have big park and a lot of trees that stay around the park.

  2. 4
    What do you think about neighborhood around 95823 and fabulous neighborhood 95819? Which neighborhood do you like best? In my opining 95819 is better because it had a lot of stores and the environments are cleaner in 95819 neighborhoods. Houses are more expensive and pretty then 95823 neighborhood. Some houses are huge and have many trees around fence.

    First reason that the fabulous neighborhood are better than and has more stores and has more pretty housing than fabulous forties. For example Burbank neighborhood has more stores like food max, tocobell and 99 ranches. Also has more pretty housing, those houses are very hug and tall and it really pretty housing like fabulous.

    Another reason that support my opining is that fabulous forties neighborhood has more different people and they live near each other. Fabulous neighborhood had more thing than Burbank has less.

    I think some people might disagree with me because in fabulous neighborhood is too quiet and nearby stores.

    I want to learn more about school in fabulous because I think rich people live in fabulous that school has many programs to help students to get better in future. I like fabulous because is cleaner than Burbank neighborhood.

  3. Bryan Ballesteros
    March 31, 2011

    My ideal neighborhood

    This is my ideal neighborhood. In this neighborhood there are many different people live here like Asian’s, Latino’s, Pacific Islander’s, Black American’s, and White American’s. The most people live here are young and old people. There are many different religions in this neighborhood like Protestant, Catholic, Christian, (INC) Church of Christ and many more. Also there are a store and services nearby like Walgreen’s, Mall, Hospital, and many more. The people here live here is rich and poor people. The rich people here are living in the big houses and they have a good job’s. However the poor people here are living in apartment and they have a low job.
    I designed this neighborhood because I want people live in the peaceful place. People here are not making noise. There are many culture live here to learn a new languages. The houses are near to there work and school then some young student’s and workers are riding a bike or they are walking go to the work and school. Every weekend many families go to the park to do exercise and play with their children. The people here are not making trouble, have no gang or weapons that can kill people. People here are not smoking and not drinking beer.

  4. Lue vang


    Do you know Burbank neighborhood has a lot Asian? The Burbank neighborhoods have many important things for people because Burbank has many Asian beautiful girls in Burbank. Burbank has a lot Asian is came form Thailand and they all is beautiful person. Burbank neighborhoods is better than fabulous forties because Burbank have many Asian girls is so beautiful than fabulous forties.

    Fabulous forties not better than Burbank but fabulous forties not have Asian than Burbank. And they not have beautiful girls Asian than Burbank, Burbank have neighborhoods Asian more than 95819. But Burbank not has the neighborhood house better than 95819 house’s better than Burbank. Anybody always know Burbank is has more Asian came in to Burbank.

    For example Burbank have more Asian than 95819 and 95823 has more Asian is beautiful girls than 95819. 95819 not have more store behind the neighborhoods than Burbank has more stores. But Burbank neighborhoods house not better than 95819 and 95819 has the beautiful house but they has to pays much money for each month like 1000.

    In my opinion 95823 is better, because I know about this area.
    95823 have a lot store than 95819. Many like to live in 95823. The information 95823 haves more people than 95819. 95823 have more Asian than 95819 and Burbank has the most beautiful girls. But 95819 has the most nice people than Burbank because I saw too much people fight in Burbank and I heat many people say Burbank has a lot gangster.

    In 95823 store, I so like go to Food Maxx because is have many foods is I like to eat in the weekend is I not do anything. Sometime I going to I saw some Asian girls is beautiful come too and they are look like nice girls of Asian. 95823 have the more beautiful person than 95819 because in 95823 have more Asian. Burbank haves a lot Asian that made better help each other than 95819. 95823 have many stores behind the role and Asian like to live behind the store because that made more help, essay to get in stores.

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