“What Do You Think About Gangs?”

Go to Fotobabble and sign-in.

Then click on “Create.”

Next, open up a new window and search for an appropriate image related to gangs. Copy its url address.

Paste the url address of the image into Fotobabble and record the paragraph you wrote. Choose either:

“”What Do You Think About Gangs?”

“What Are The Consequences Of Living The Gang Life?”

Record your paragraph, save it, and then paste the url address into the comments section of this post.

World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day.

Please look at these websites and write down on a sheet of paper at least ten things you learn:

What is Aids?

The National Institutes of Health has an excellent interactive tutorial on AIDS and HIV.

Here’s another simple explanation, with pictures, that has the same title What Is Aids? It’s from the Japa Network, which also hosts a quiz: HIV & AIDS: How much do you know?

Students can learn about AIDS (and spelling) from the Avert AIDS game.

Here’s a exercise on AIDS designed for ELL’s.

About HIV and AIDS is a simple animation that provides audio support for the text.

Here’s a simple reading and quiz designed for ELL’s titled Is it Difficult to Catch HIV/AIDS?

What Would You Do? is an online game from UNICEF.

HIV: How can I protect myself? is a cloze (gap-fill) exercise for ELL’s.

The Face Of Aids is a slideshow from MSNBC.

CBS News has an impressive interactive titled AIDS: The Modern Pandemic.

Marking World AIDS Day is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

The Face of AIDS is a slideshow from MSNBC. The same site has an interactive map with updated statistics from around the world.