Write Your Auto-I Essay

Go to Word and type your autobiographic incident essay.

Next, copy and paste it into the comment section of this blog.

Then, read essays from your classmates and leave a comment:

I liked your essay because ________________________________________________.

Your essay made me remember _______________________________________________.

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  1. Imagine that you are going to go to Disneyland with your family and you are very happy and also scared because you are going to go up for the first time in a plane. You are going to meet Disneyland stars that you have seen on television excited and all that is going to be reality. My family went to Disneyland on a plane because my dad had money when I was four.

    13 Years ago, I was at disney on spring break with my dad, my mom and my brother we went to the airport. Then we got on the plane. When we were in Disneyland and we listened to Disney music and saw many things. We saw fun things. I was so happy and excited. I smelled sweet food. The kids were having fun.

    We were going to the airport and I said, “I am nervous because this is my first time on a plane”, “Don’t worry honey, everything will be alright we are with you”, said my mom and my dad, “It is true sister”, said my brother. We were flying for the first time to Los Angeles. We arrived at the hotel. We went out to Los Angeles. We arrived at Disneyland very excited. We met the beautiful house of Minnie Mouse.

    I felt happy because I had a good experience about it and I always can remember. I was happy and excited. Now I feel happy because I learned about Disneyland and I feel grateful because I still enjoy it. It is important because I learned a lot of Disneyland. I know about Disney music and now I can go again.

    • I liked your essay because it is something that is not forgotten.
      Your essay made me remember when i was a little

    • I liked your essay because is a good story. Your essay made me remember when i go to disneyland

    • I like your story because the story you wrote is good. Your essay made me remember Childhood also had their own good memories.

  2. I went to live in Mexico
    Imagine that you don’t know what’s happening just your parents said to you we going to move to Mexico. How you think I feel? When I was 5 years old my family moved by car to Mexico because my parents missed their parents.
    It was sunny day in California, it was October 2008. My father, my mother, my sister, and my uncle were in the car and my father was driving and sometimes times my uncle. When we were on our way to Mexico I saw trees, big houses and I could hear the sounds of cars and wind.
    When we were to Mexico “We going to return someday” I said to my parents “Maybe when you grow up” said my mother “You go to like Mexico” said my father and smile. In the path I saw trees, big houses I could hear the sound of cars and the wind.
    When I went to Mexico I feel nervous because I don’t know anyone and did not know what if felt like to live in Mexico. And now I don’t feel nothing now because I know that change my life about that is not important to me. I was important because if my family and my had not go to Mexico maybe I never know some people.

    Imagine that you receive a gift. The gift is car. I will receive car in my birthday. Because my father province me that he will buys me a car in my birthday when I was 17 years old. My parents and me had my first party at my first party at my birthday in the America.
    In 2016 I passed my sixteenth birthday with my parents. I was very happy because that will be my first birthday in the American. My father prepared the cake, the candle, the knife, the fork and the cake tray. My mother decorated balloons. I looked forward to the arrival of this day.
    I was in my first party and I said “Congratulations me” I said “Thanks my parents because we are a family” and “Hope I and my family have a good time.” We are very happy in the America.
    I was happy because I had my first party. Now I feel happy because this is my first party in the America. It makes sense. Is Important because I had a good experience and my friends were there and I was very happy, because it was very happy because it was my first patty in America.

    • I liked your essay because is beautiful have a party.
      Your essay made me remember when I had my first party.

    • I liked your essay because i like the party. Your essay made me remember _ when i go to my first party

  4. I changed my house

    How would you feel if your family and you moved to a new house? my family moved to Guadalajara by car because my father got a job and I was seven years old.
    I changed house because my father has a new job and the day 02/8/17 we changed house. during the day I am very happy of the new house and new friends. the name of my friends Fernando, Adrian, diego,Brayan,cesar,vidana. I felt sad because I didn’t see a my family
    My family go to my house speak my cousin and my grandfather speak my father and my new house and found my new friends
    I felt strange because of my new school I feel happy because I have friends and have 7 years when I met my friends and a new school.

  5. Leslie Yoselin Servin
    Imagine that when you were a baby you never knew your real father. But your mom, one day, told you that you were going to meet him, but you felt so confused because you do not how you feel. In the park, my real and I met for our first conversation in Tijuana B.C, because I needed to get to know him.
    It was a warm morning in Tijuana B.C. It was March, 2014. My real father was in the park, he was waiting for me, but I only saw all the people walking, the grass and trees. That day I felt scared and confused because I needed to get to know my real father. He and I were walking and we had a good day and conversation, we saw the animals and I felt so happy at that moment. I think that park is a good place to get to know someone.
    In the park, my dad was waiting for me. Only thought on that. “I felt confused and scared too”. I told my mom. My said, “It’s ok, you need to know him, I promise you that it will be a good experience”. And I said, “Ok mom, I will try to know him”. I looked at my dad and we decided to walk. We walked a lot and I felt so happy after I got to know him.
    I felt scared and confused because at first I didn’t know him. But right now I feel so happy because my dad is the best person. He is like my best friend. I can talk with him when I need it and he always listens to me. It is important to me because when I was a child I wanted to know him and always I felt so sad that I didn’t have dad.

  6. Imagine one day you have to learn how to drive a bicycle and you have no idea how to drive a bicycle. I learned to drive a bicycle in Mexico City because I wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle.
    It was in the morning in my house it was in august 2009, my father, my mother and I ready for learn how to ride a bicycle, my mother was happy because she looks me ride a bicycle in the street.
    Take my helmet, I took my bicycle and started pedaling. “dad do not let me go please” I said “do not worry, I’m grabbing you” said mi dad “okay, but you can let me go “I said “are you sure” said my dad “yes, sure” I said “ok, I already let you go” said my dad. I started to go alone, I pedaled faster and after a while I already knew how to ride a bicycle.
    I felt happy because I learned ride to bike, I feel now happy because I learned to ride a bicycle, it was important because I need to learn new things.

  7. Imagine that you have a son and it’s his birthday but you need to celebrate with him and you’ll feel happy but at the same time you feel frustrate because you need to decorate everything to make the party perfect.my son birthday is in my house I planned a party on April 13th.

    It was a tired day in Sacramento ca. It was April,2017. I was preparing the party for my son so he could have a nice day and he was happy, my family was with my son and everyone celebrated his day.

    I talk with my mom and I said ‘’I feel happy’’ said my mom I’m also happy that he turned one today is going to be a happy day. The table arrived. I decorate everything. I set up the candy table. They brought the piñata. I put the balloon on the table.

    I felt happy and tired because it was a especial day. I feel so happy because my baby how has one year. It is important to me because my baby is getting bigger and had his first birthday.

    Daisy 

  8. My first day at school, when I was 5

    Imagine that you are going to go to your first day of school. You are very nervous but also excited. You are willing to be the best student. You are sure that everything will be alright.

    12 years ago, I was at my first day at school. I went to my first class and met my teacher. I listened to the national anthem of my country, the prayer to the flag. We did many activities. I saw new people. I smelled sweet food because the teacher has candies. I was excited. The kids were having fun.

    I approached my teacher and “What’s your name” , said my teacher, my name is Julia”, I said, “Your name is beautiful Julia”, said my teacher, “Thank you”, I said. We started the classes all to same. We sang the national anthem and sang the prayer to the flag. We have the first math activities. The classes ended. We went back home happy.

    I felt happy because i met new people. I had a good experience. When I have to go to new school and I can learn English. I feel grateful with God. I feel happy because my teachers are good people. My teachers like to help people. It is important because i learned a little bit English. My school was christian. Now English is not hard for me.

  9. I came again to the US
    Imagine that you have to decide if you go to the US or I stay home. When I was 13 years old my uncle asked me if I want to go to the US for study.

    It was a sunny day in Irapuato Guanajuato it was august, 2016. My grandmother asked me if I want to go to the US when we were I saw stores, restaurants, trees people and animals. I could hear the sounds of the people speaking.

    When my grandmother asked me if I wanted to go to the US “I need to think” I said “ I know if this is a difficult question about you need to think quietly” said my grandmother ‘ yes, I want to go to the US “ I said “ok if you want” she said and she cried.

    When I saw my grandmother cried I felt bad because she is like my mother and she is so important to me. Now I feel bad because I miss she a lot and she raised me. It was important to me because I decide to leave my family to came to the US.

    • I liked your essay because i know how you felt .

      Your essay made me remember when i came to US it was so sad day for me and my family.

  10. I came to US
    Imagine that you went to US you didn’t know how was going the trip. You didn’t know how was US .15 months ago, I came to US.
    It was a normal day like every day. In Honduras. 15 months ago, I came to US with my mother and my younger sister. I had no plans to came to US. But one day my older sister called me and she told me.
    “Would you like to come to US’’ “Yes sister I would like it ‘’ I said. ‘’ Okay I am going to pay your trip so that you can come ‘’ ‘’ Okay sister ‘’ I said. ‘’ Okay I will call you later ‘’ Said my sister. ‘’ Okay I’ll wait for your call and thanks sister I love you ‘’ I said.
    Later my sister called me that I could go out take the trip. So I left and I was a little nervous bat I known then I came to know US. When I arrived to US I was very happy because all went well and I met my niece and I met US too.

  11. I started school

    Imagine you came to united states with out knowing English.

    The day I learned English was the best day of my life. I could understand all my friends and also live with them. When I got here I did not know anything. I felt strange that I did not talk to anyone and also knew no one.
    Then I met Brayan and he helped me in many things he taught me many things of the school how to grab lunch and where my classes were and also helped me in some jobs I did not understand.
    Little by little I was learning English and knowing more friends and more people and thanks to many teachers and people who helped me.

    • I liked your essay because I passed for that .

      Your essay made me remember when i started school here i felt right that .

      • I liked your essay because I passed for that .

        Your essay made me remember when i started school here i felt right that .

    Imagine that you want to live in the USA and you want to learn English. But you only have a visa and it’s a hard decision because if you decided to stay in the USA you can lose your visa. My other hard decision was leaving my family behind.
    One day my dad and I decided to go to live in the USA because my dad didn’t have a good job and I wanted to learn English. I remember when I told my mom that I wanted to live in the USA. it was a hard decision because I love my family too much but I needed to think in my future. my mom and my brother’s can come to the USA because they have visas and I felt better on my decision at that moment.
    When I told my mom that I wanted to live in the USA, she felt so sad and she told me, “Why do you want to live in the USA?”. I said,”Because I want to learn English so I can have a better future”. My mom told me, “it’s OK, if you want I will always support your dreams”. I said,”thanks mom, I love you”. At that moment I felt so happy because my mom is the best and she loves me.
    I felt so scared, nervous and happy because I was going to live in a new country but right now I feel so happy because I have a good future and I feel that I did the right thing. it important to me because It’s my future and only I can think of how to accomplish my dreams. I know that my family is in Mexico and they are far away from me but i believe that big dreams require great sacrifices.

    What are the most loving things you come to the United states to see? In America my home has two lovely puppies and I am very happy because they are my first animal partner at 2016.
    I have two dogs. The largest male dog name is “mountain.” He was a bigger dog. He has gray and white of skin. The smallest bitch called “sesame.” She’s a good girl. She’s small and cute. She is a dog that is mostly black and small in white. I like them.
    In 2017 I came to the America. I have 2 cute dog. The dog name was “mountain” and other dog name was “sesame.” “mountain” has gray and white skin and “sesame” has black and white skin. They are always play with me. I like they because they are my family. “They are my family” I said. “They are my important family” my father said. “Are they my friend or family?” I ask for my father.
    I am happy because I got two dogs. Now I feel happy because I added two family members. It is important because the two dogs are equivalent to my family members brought me happiness.

    • I liked your essay because I like dogs are cute.

      Your essay made me remember i was in my country i had many dogs.

  14. Imagine that when you was a baby you never know you real mother but you father, one day he told you that you need to know her and you know her but you felt so confused because you don’t know you felt in the house my real mother and I meet for a conversation because I needed to get to know her.

    It was a ugly day in Culiacan sin it was June ,2004. I was confused and I did not know whether to be happy or sad, your grandmother talks to you and tell you that it’s all right that you do not worry.

    I talk with my grandmother, and ‘’I felt bad ‘’ said my grandmother do not worry were with you. I sad thank your grandmother but I’m afraid she told me you can.

    I felt bad and happy because I was gone meet my mom for the first time It is important to me because she is my mom.


  15. Nhi
    Have you ever forgotten your school day? And think that Saturday is school day. When I was young, I used to forget school days!
    I remember that when I was in the 5th grade, one time my parents woke up in the morning as they always did. I asked them, “(This question was probably asked quite often by plenty of children). My dad responded: “Of course you can, if you get up, get quickly enough. “I quickly believed him, and did everything as fast as I can and it took me about 15 minutes to finished… Yay!! “I don’t have to go to school today! “My dad smiled and walked away. Quickly I ran towards my phone. Picked it up and started to call, My sister. “Hey, dad said I don’t have to go to school, today!! Come over my house and play with me!! “I murmured. My sister laughed a lot “Sweetie, isn’t it Saturday?”
    At the moment I know I got tricked. I just forgot it was Saturday. It was one of my funniest events during my childhood.
    At the time I felt very angry because it was like I was being tricked by my dad, and now thinking back I feel very happy because thanks to my father cheated so there is a memory to remember me. And I will never forget this memory.

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