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  2. Class room should be bigger
    I came to United States with a lot of chance and a lot of thing that I need to learn more about my “New World”. And the first places that I was go to learn that’s a school. Unfortunately, I have to change school and my classroom of my new school is smaller than my old school. The classroom has a lot of student’s desk but the aisle between the desks so small. I think the principle should have some measure to rebuild the classroom. If the classroom is bigger than students can have more space to group activities. Students and teachers are more comfortable and more interest to study. Teachers can have better teaching device to help them teach better.
    The first reason why students need more space to group activities? Small classrooms can be difficult for everybody to move. Classrooms do not have enough expanses to group activities of students. It leads on some students have to sit on the floor when they don’t have more place to do their work together. It will be not fair for those students who sit on the ground because it’s dirty and that thing affect their health.
    The second reason that students and teachers are more comfortable and excited on learning. When you can sit in a large classroom with desks, learning tools, good teaching device are arranged properly. What do you think? It will help you feel more relaxed, focused, excited on learning, or it can also help you have many good ideas. It will be better than small and narrow class. Isn’t it?
    The third reason is teacher can observe students closely. Nowadays, some students use cell phone during the class time and some teachers can see it because the aisle between the desk so small. Students can text message under the desk or behind the other student.
    Some people might say that classrooms should not be bigger. Because when we have a large classroom then we have to keep it clean and we must to clean up a lot. Someone say that when they come to class, there is a warm atmosphere around them or between each other. It will be better than the cold atmosphere in the large class. But also you should think about you can get more fresh air around you. More expanses and you will get better feel.
    I think classrooms should be bigger. That’s mean students can have more space to group activities, students and teachers are more comfortable and more interest to study. Teachers can observe students. The principle should have some measure to rebuild the classroom.

  3. Kathia meza
    Per: 3
    ! Mexican food is more healthy than American food!
    Why Mexican food is more healthier than American food? The best Mexican food I ever had been enchiladas because, has too many vegetables and is doesn’t have a lot of fat in it. The enchiladas smell very good and they are red color and green color, in the top they have many vegetables like potatoes, lettuce, carrot, tomatoes, onions, chili, avocado and cheese. This is my favorite meal and this is why Mexican food is healthy. One reason of enchiladas are healthy is because they has many vegetables and the vegetables are very healthy. On others reason is they have potatoes, lettuce, carrot, tomatoes, onions, chili, advocate and cheese. And some times chicken.

    The Mexican food is more healthy because they has too many vegetables and is doesn’t have a lot of fat in it. This Mexican dish has to haves many vegetables because it’s a plain tortilla that has more on it and then the vegetables would go inside the tortilla; you can also eat them with chicken.

    On other reason, enchiladas are healthy is because they have potatoes, lettuce, carrot, tomatoes, onions, chili, avocado and cheese. First cut the vegetables and gild the tortilla with mole and put cheese inside of tortilla and I roll up, then I put on the plate and I put the vegetables on the top and cheese too, that’s delicious food, this food smell like chili.

    American food is more healthy than Mexican food. Because American food has many protein and vitamins in it. I think Mexican food is better than American food. And American people say not, that is not healthy. But we think the Mexican food is healthier than American food, because American food has a lot fat in it and this is bad for you healthy.

    Some people might say American food is better than Mexican food but I say the opposite that Mexican food is better and healthy than American food because many people are so fat in American because the food is not healthy.

    In conclusion I think Mexican food is more healthy than American food because all of the ingredients Mexican food has.

  4. Mexican culture is interesting

    Mexico celebrates many celebrations, one of these is Christmas day, in this day my family joins in my grandmother’s house. We eat food most popular, for example pozole, we eat pozole at the night and we eat barbecue at the morning, the party began at 9:00 p.m. and finish to the next day on the afternoon, on the night we make a bonfire, we use normal cloths. We are dancing about each 3 hours, i feel happy because I’m together with all my family. Mexican culture is very interesting, Mexican cultures has many ancient things, also is very interesting because has a great food. Another reason is because has many natural products and can be use for sick people.
    Mexican culture has many ancient things, me and my family like to study about ancient things. Often i go to a museum named culture house. There are many ancient things, and in front of each monument is information about it, and to the next room is a room book and there eve4rybody can study more about the ancient things.
    Mexican culture is interesting because has a very great food. i listen to some people from north America say Mexican food is so good, and a good taste, for example tamales. Tamales are food that in the middle has mole, or picadillo, and over the mole has corn, that’s delicious.
    Also many people thinks that Mexican culture is not interesting, they don’t have interest to know about it, they think that’s boring. i know some people that they don’t want to lose time in celebrations, some times in the school in art class, some classmates don’t like this class because we study about monuments. I think studding about it you can understand more about Mexican culture; you will need it in the future. They say: that’s boring; we have other things most important to do.
    Mexican culture is interesting because we celebrate holidays with a delicious food, also has many ancient things interesting. Many people want to study about ancient things. Other people like so much celebrate holiday. i hope all people want to celebrate holidays in the future.

  5. The culture Mexican is the best. If you took the time to visit Mexico, I think you would like it?
    Culture Mexican is the best, because have many stories interesting, for learn. In the past Mexico was a beautiful place, with many cities where you go relax and have a good time with your family. One of the best places to visit in Mexico is where there is a lot of natural, like the rivers, Zoos or even the forest is very beautiful to explore and it is a place where you cold have many events.
    The culture Mexican was good because has many cities interesting. It’s a fun and relax the cities, for many motives so the other example that the river is nice for fishing, and have a good time with your family. Mexico has many states. Jalisco is of my preferred, because I’m live for fourteen years is there state, and my life was very happy.
    Mexico was a good for explorer? We can go to forest and the stores in the Zoo in Guadalajara Jalisco, is fun, like you have a good time and relax with your family and friends. Also the lago of Chapala is good for visit because you can, eating, walking and smile for this reason is good coming to Mexico.
    The culture of Mexico is bad because the cities aren’t interesting. Many people think the Mexican they don’t want to study about it. I think Mexican culture has many places to know, but other people think that cities doesn’t has nothing important.

  6. Yer her
    Hmong foods new year

    One year’s I went to Sacramento New Year. It was the best holiday four people to come over. I can see a lot people wear Hmong clothes. Hmong foods at Sacramento New Year are really good. It makes everyone healthy. Hmong New Year is the best holiday to Hmong in the worlds because we can see more information from Hmong culture. The first reason is have many Hmong foods. The second reason is we have fun with family and friend in the holiday new year Sacramento.
    When the first day Sacramento New Year in the worlds. The first reason is Hmong foods at the New Year is very goods and makes your healthy. I went to New Year first day it fun because I meet my friend at New Year. We are hanging out together at New Year first day. After people we are going to eat foods together. We taste rice with roast chicken, papaya. Sacramento New Year has four hundred people eat or taste roasts pig and roast chicken it is a special food of Hmong.
    What do you think about Sacramento New year Hmong food and culture? I think it okay because Hmong food and culture it’s goods. Hmong foods is good it’s makes your healthy then, the American foods. It’s about Hmong culture is batter because it’s have more to show up. About American culture it have a little thing to show up and it’s had some games to play.
    Hmong foods are the best. Hmong New Year’s Sacramento is the best too. Tow reason is fun and have greats food. Everybody should going to Hmong New Year’s Sacramento make friends.

    One day it was raining outside when I came to Cafeteria, it was too crowd in cafeteria, students went to class room to eat lunch, I was like very angry and I was saying to my friend why is this school hasn’t big cafeteria, I was serious butt my friend was laughing. You know what, school should have to be a good and big cafeteria and I believe that for three reasons.
    Students could fit in cafeteria and they can eat lunch easily, because if the school will have the big cafeteria, all students can fit in cafeteria. If they will fit in cafeteria they will eat lunch easily, it will good for students, for school’s worker who clean the cafeteria, it will good for everybody. If the students can fit in cafeteria students will not go to the cafeteria for eat lunch if it will raining outside. All the garbage will in the cafeteria. It will make easy for that person who cleans the cafeteria and school.
    School would be cleaner and for that school’s cafeteria should be bigger. Cafeteria is not big that’s why students go to outside for eat lunch. When they eat lunch outside some students through all the garbage, and some leave it there. If the students will be bigger students will eat inside, and they will through all the garbage if they does not do that it’s ok it will be not hard for that person who clean the cafeteria.
    Cafeteria should not be bigger and cleaner because they don’t really clear about the cleanse. If the cafeteria will be dirty it will be ok for students because they can eat in dirty cafeteria otherwise I have talked about it a lot. They really want a big & clean cafeteria and school. Students couldn’t fit in cafeteria they don’t want to eat lunch in cafeteria and they want to eat lunch outside.
    Cafeteria should be bigger. If cafeteria should be bigger students can fit in cafeteria and they can eat easily in cafeteria.it will not going to be garbage around the school. it’s going to be easily for that person who clean the cafeteria. If it’s not going to be garbage around the school it will look more cleaner then now some people say cafeteria shouldn’t be bigger I’m sure they are wrong and I hope school principle and all teachers will take action about it.

    One of the most important celebration is independence day on September 15, because we celebrate freedom and in that day there are many musical group, dancers, performances, and I participate in dance, and I liked to eat the typical food for example las enchiladas, pupusas, atole, elotes locos, nuegados and some dance I wore a dress another dance I wore use skirt, boots, t-shirt white color and jacket black. I feel happy when I participate in many point to dance because I and my friend enjoy telling’s jokes I think that EL SALVADOR culture is the best and I liked the parade. Is better because we celebrate freedom and we have good food.
    The first reason because we celebrate freedom in my country we celebrate the freedom like a symbolic of independence and reclamation of right the opinions and health and freedom, because I liked to participle in many art I with my best friends, I play many dynamic games and we also decorate classrooms, and we talk about different countries like: Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize. And I like many, in the school I learn about all the countries and their different cultures and traditions.
    The second reason is that enjoy the typical food, all people like typical food because is very delicious, and the many variety of food they can enjoy, there are many drinks, I like atole, also food like: pupusas, tamales, enchiladas, elotes locos, nuegados and many more, I like to help my friend’s mother. In cooking typical salvadoranian food like pupusas for example your cook pupusas with four, beans, cheese, purkinds and tomato sauce, and cabbage. It’s delicious and famous Salvadoranian dish.
    In my country no more celebrate the independence day freedom, my country is bad in culture and no more interest in the independence day all the people think that is lose time and they don’t want more traditions, is better modern music to dance, no more dance folkloric, that’s boring, and no all people don’t like typical food because don’t like taste. And no more interest for the culture. I think is great participating in the dance or the music show but they think is better participate at modern music because folkloric is boring.
    Celebrate Independence Day on September 15 for El Salvador is important celebrate the freedom and also for enjoy the typical food. El Salvador culture is the best because we celebrate our symbolic patriotic and talk of other cultures of our neighbor countries and their culture and we enjoy our typical food. I hope continue learning about our culture.

  9. Have you ever been in beautiful place with many garbage. I had field trip to one in most place in my country but when I stayed there, I felt different and then I just know it’s not like what I thought. It’s not really beautiful and clean place, I saw many trash things and foods or anything they drop at beach but they never pick that up.
    The ocean and the beach will become beautiful place in the world when people in my country try to strop throw trash things on the beach and anywhere outside and also clean those things they did throw.
    However foreign don’t want come to Vietnam anymore if people in my country keep throw these things they don’t need no more to outside and never clean the those things what they did throw. I had visit to my cousin house when I come there and I were stand in there house, I saw many people throws many things they didn’t need no more on the beach or what they did drop on the beach they never pick that up.
    The people who live around dirty beach will die early or get some sick than the people who live in clear environment. I had one cousin who live around the beach and always throws trash things to the beach near by them and in one day, they had go to hospital for some sick they got from the beach where they made to be dirty.
    If you throw dirty things on the beach you will makes many sea animals die. Let think when rising water tide can take all of things you did throw in to the ocean and make sea water be polluted water and then that water begin harming sea animals to when they die. In one day I were stayed home and watch TV when I turned to Vietnamese channel then I saw they talking about ha long, that beautiful place for everyone visit in my country. That place had many sea animals died and came up on the beach.
    Someone foreign might says most of ocean in my country so cool and clean for relax that’s even means when you play on the beaches you could lie down and do anything you want but you not get dirty from there. But I’m not think that ways cause I did say many trash things on the beach and many people did throw those things in their home to the beach when they don’t need no more.
    The ocean and the beach will became beautiful place for visit in the world when people in my country stop throw trash things on the beach and also clean those things they did throw on the beach and I hoping everyone in my country have activity about clean up trash things from the beach and everyone ready for volunteer for clean.

  10. Imagine if you are in the most beautiful place in the world. It has beautiful ocean and there a lot of fish in the ocean, and when you swim you will see a lot of beautiful and colorful kind fish. And also people came from other place and take journal about Marshall Island and put it on news, everyone like to swim in the ocean and they always go to ocean and fishing. Also white people came from America and swim in the ocean and they always like to surf in the big wave. And when people came from other place people in Marshall Island make beautiful flower for them and make handicraft to new people, and they also make food and party for the new people. And also people ride canoe in the beautiful ocean, and they always make show on the beach near the ocean. These are the Marshall Island the most beautiful place in the world. One reason the Marshall Island are so beautiful it because there a lot of neat places, another reason why Marshall Island is so beautiful it because there a lot of beautiful coconut tree and there a lot of beautiful and colorful flower. Marshall Island has lot of neat beaches and places. When is July 4th they make fireworks in the ocean on the ship with beautiful color. The ocean is really clean and there a lot of beautiful fish and a beautiful beach and you can sit on the beach and watch the wave come down. Everyday the people make show in the big house, the show are hula and some other thing.

  11. Mom, my friends help me when I have some hard times and when I have problems. I think it is good for people to have friends.
    There are three reasons why people should have friends. The first reason is having friends makes you have fun. The second reason is friends care about you and love you like your family loves you. Friends also understand you and believe in you which make you feel special. The third reason is friends make you smile and hugs you which are great ways to show you that they worry and understand how you feel.
    The first reason is friend is good for everyone because when you feel depressed, you friend would go to places with you so that you would fun together. When you have a hard time such as having a family problem, your friends can help you by listening to you and allowing you to express yourself. Most of the time, your friends will stay by you side and cheer you up.
    The second reason is when you feel bad or sad your friends would try to do something to show that they care and that your are important just as they are to you. Friends understand you and believe in you because they care about you and love you. Overall, it is your family and friends that worry about you. They bring a smile to your face when you are sad. Friends make you feel special.
    The third reason is friends make you smile and give you hugs, which are great ways to you that you cared and loved. Friends are great to have because they make your life better and they teach you to be a good person.

  12. The people should not be racist.

    When the class stared Fahad came to his first year in a new school and some people stared call him “Taliban” only because he is from Irak.
    No one should be picked, no it’s silly, rude and disrespectful, and humans are all humans regardless of their tone of skin.
    There are two reasons why the people should not be racist. One reason is because society has made a lot stereotypes, a second reason is the people feel offended when somebody make fun your culture or personality.
    One reason people should not be racist is because stereotypes are wrong, stereotypes also exist about cultures and countries as whole;
    • All white Americans are obese, lazy and dim-witted; Homero Simpson of the TV series the Simpsons is the personification of this stereotype.
    • Mexican stereotype suggest that all Mexicans are lazy and came into America illegally.
    • All Arabs and Muslims are terrorists.
    • All Africans Americans outside of United States are poor.
    • All Asians are good at math, like to eat rice, and drive slow.
    The second reason p-people should not be racist is because the people feel offended when somebody make fun your culture, when the people don’t think before to talk they don’t know if his words will offend to others.
    Some people might say that being racist is good because all the people are the same because we are born the same way and treated the same way that is okay for them to treat other bad and be racist I think that be racist is bad because it make other people feel bad.
    People should not be racist. One reason is because society has a made a lot stereotypes, other reason is the people feel offended when somebody make fun your culture.
    People should not be racist that are important because we the humans need understand all are the same and everybody need respect others.

  13. I am always exercising in the morning and afternoon because I ride my bike come to school everyday. So that mean like I’m exercising also its made me did not fat and stronger body. If you want to a perfect body you need to exercises.
    There are three reasons why people should exercises. One reason is because exercise benefits of your health. Second reason is because exercise helps your body and bones get stronger. Third reason is because exercise also helps your blood to flow better maybe exercise bike makes your legs to get muscle.
    First reason, an exercise bike may good for your fitness body. If you want to do something that is easy to use and handy. An exercise did not take too much place also you can be use indoor. This type of exercise makes your heart and hugs to get stronger. Also it helps you to lose your risk for diabetes, stroke.
    Second reason, an exercise bike is a good way to lose weight. The exercise bike is easy one for your body than other. Exercise helps your body to avoid pain. These benefits would help the body and bones to get stronger. Exercises also help to improve a range of movement of the joints. If you exercise everyday its will helps you to lose fat around the stomach area.
    Third reason, the exercise bike might make your feel tire, but it’s a good way for your fitness legs or body. In addition, they will get to develop their muscle and have a good patient. Also exercise helps your heart and blood flow well. Exercise makes your arm and legs to get stronger.
    Some people may say that exercise is bad because tis too tire. But I think exercise is a good way for your body to get stronger. If you exercise everyday you will have a perfect body. Another exercise is making you body to do a physical activity.
    People should exercise, first reason is because exercise benefits of your health. Second reason is because exercise helps your body and bones get stronger. Third reason is because exercise also helps your blood to flow better maybe exercise bike makes your legs to get muscle. I am exercise a little bit and I want to more.

    One day a family went to a night party their father in the party was drinking alcohol when they went to their house in the street was many kids playing with a balloon the father was driving very fast he don’t saw the kids every day runner but two kids died. The people should not drink alcohol because this is bad to the body can have many complications drive drinking.
    • One reason is that people don’t have responsibility because they can died in a accidents in the street or in other place also can kill when are driving the people need protection to their family, they should not drive drunk.
    • Second reason is because they can intoxicated their body is very bad my cousin drinker alcohol at night they was very sick had headache she cant see well the next day she needed go to the hospital.
    • Other reason is the people have accidents this is very dangerous. One day my family went to the beach my father drinker a lot they had a accident very strong went to the hospital my father and my mother. But my mother can no walk was very sad.
    Some people said ‘’Drive drunk is good because the alcohol is delicious and when drink you are strong’’.
    I think is bad because the alcohol is only drug in your body, you can has problems and accidents.

  15. People should go to college
    By: jiewen
    Daniel it was a high school student that wants to go to college, at his last days of high school he went to the college and someone told him that college cost a lot of money and his family was poor. So 1 day after he told to his parents his not going to college and work to make more money for the family. People should get free payments for the college. There are 3 reasons why people should go to college one reason is you can have a better job, second reason is more experience in the job you working; third reason is better chance to get more money.
    One reason is you can have a better job. You work less but you get pay more because you got a higher degree so you can work like a lawyer or doctor.
    Second reason is more experience in the job you working if you have more experience you get higher rank than others. My cousin work in the hospital she gets more money than others in there because she has more experience.
    The third reason is you can have a better chance to get more money. Some people that have not go to college work more hours and less money. But my cousin she graduated from college and her work less and gets lot money and she’s a doctor.
    Some people may say that people can get good job without going to college. It’s more important to get more education so people would have respect of you.
    People should go to college. One reason is you can have a better job, second reason is have more experience in your job, and third reason is better chance to get more money. Is important because I want to meet more friends in college.

  16. People in Luther Burbank should not be racists.

    Marco and Eduar these guys were at P.E they didn’t know speak English then, a black girl said; bad words about them and that is racist.
    People in Luther Burbank Should not be racist. There are three reasons why people in Luther Burbank should not be racist. One reason is because you can share with others culture and learn more about it. Second reason is if you are racist you will get a lot problems and conflicts. Third reason is if you are not racist you can have a lot friend and they can help you with your homework’s.
    One reason why people in Luther Burbank should not be racist is because you can share with others cultures and learn more about it, I researched at computer that 93% of people have friends with diversity of culture or skin.
    Second reason is if you are racist you will get a lot problems and conflicts, at school some students are racist and they have a lot problem with others people of others culture.
    Third reason is if you are not racist you can have a lot friend and they can help you in your homework or anything else that you need it. I have friends of different countries and culture. And they help me in my homework and also in things that I don’t understanding.
    Some people may say that people in Luther Burbank should be racist because some people and cultures are better that others.
    All people are same because we are not perfect.
    People in Luther Burbank Should not be racist. There are three reasons why people in Luther Burbank should not be racist. One reason is because you can share with others culture and learn more about it. Second reason is if you are racist you will get a lot problems and conflicts. Third reason is if you are not racist you can have a lot friend and they can help you with your homework’s.
    This is important because we need respect each others and help us each others.

    By: onner Amaya

    Everyday, over billion trees are cut down all over the world to use for people’s lives, for the buildings, the foods, for everything. Not only that, people even waste the products from those trees. They used but they didn’t grow again. Instead of, there are a lot of buildings all over the world, no more places for trees. The trees were, are, and will be decreased if this thing still happen and no stop. So, people should save the trees. It’s because of their health and their lives.
    First of all we need to think about ourselves. People’s carbon footprint is steadily rising and there is no way to counter this especially with the decline in forest areas in the world. Help us help you to reduce this footprint by planting a life bearing tree.
    Second, every person on average need a tree covered area of 25m x 25m to produce enough oxygen to breath. I know that this is not the only way that oxygen is produced on the planet but would it not be nice to know that you have a direct way to contribute to this need. So, GROW THE TREES!
    Another advantage that the trees will give you is the absorption of pollutants and contaminants out of the air. They protect us by the secret ways are producing the oxygen, saving the ozone, and just continue forever. This means a cleaner environment that will result in a health benefit.
    Trees also protect the environment against soil erosion, siltation and flooding. Soil erosion causes us to lose valuable agricultural soil to our dams and the sea. Siltation is when soil ends up in our Rivers and dams. This has an impact on flow rate of the river making it more easy to flood as well as reduce the capacity of the dams. As water moves quicker over terrain devoid of vegetation rivers tend to flood easier and more severely. So planting trees reduces the flow and therefore the thread of flooding.
    Some people might say that everybody needed the wood to do anything for their lives and they wanted to continue with cutting down the trees. I agree with this. But in awhile, people forget that they just cut, do not grow them again. And the thing that showed it is we are died slowly day by day because of Global Warming. Let’s grow the trees and save our lives!
    We use trees in a 101 different ways, whether it is furniture, fuel, paper, oxygen – carbon dioxide conversion, stabilizing ecosystems and the water table, stabilizing rivers, tourism, and many more. They are also the homes of wild life as we know it. When we cut down a tree, we take away the home of birds, squirrels, monkeys, snakes, lizards, AND we do something to make our climate less stable. But even though we knew it, we are still lying ourselves to continue these situations. One more time, people must save the trees! It’s important because wasting the trees is killing our lives…

  18. People Should Learn At School
    Written By Evelina Why I came from my country Moldova is because somebody invites us here .We agreed .We came and we start to go to school and start to learn English, to find jobs and to buy a big house.
    People learn at school, because of their jobs and lives .It’s important because knowledge is all.

    One reason is people should learn how to speak, write, and read .Day by day at school they thought about their language the math the natural happening around their lives. And what will be happened if they didn’t know that? They will be looked like a frog sit in a small box, they don’t know anything and its bad for them.
    The second reason is because they have to find the jobs in their feature, to live better and have much money from their jobs, and if they don’t know how to speak English and don’t know how to get job they will be very poor.
    The third reason is some people really want to know how to speak English, because they think that it’s important for their lives in the feature .At school many people that already knowhow to speak, read, and write in English they have to teach the other people that don’t know how to speak English very well.
    In the Conclusion, people really need to know how to write, read and speak in English they have to go to school and learn. I think that many people will agree with me because they will need in their feature.

  19. Technology Essay

    Technology is a body of knowledge used to create tools develop skills, and different materials People should learn new technology the first reason why we need technology is because technology help us with stuff The second reason is because we need electricity for the world. Finally technology could help us with stuff.
    First reason is technology help us with stuff to make better houses like comfortable houses in our life like big house there all things in house and have place for cookies like food max ,and Madonna’s
    Second reason we need technology for electricity for new world to improve our country like we discover new electricity to improve cars airplanes houses.
    Third reason is technology could help us to fined some better job like engineer pilot and business man like ahmadsha was one of Afghanistan pilot that help fly airplane.
    People may say that we don’t need technology for the world but I say we need technology because it’s a matter of help to us and help us improve the world
    People may say that we don’t need technology for the world but I say we need technology because it’s a matter of help to us and help us improve the world people should learn new technology the first reason why we need technology is because technology help us with stuff the second reason is because we need electricity for the world finally technology could help us to fined and make new stuff.

    BY; jonatan garcia
    I knew a friend that was fleetly and didn’t do any exercise until she decided to be healthy and exercise
    I believe if you do exercise you will be strong and you can be very healthy and because the exercise can help to you cardiovascular system and also prevent problems with you healthy
    There are three reasons to now .One reason is because you have to be strong and the second reason is because you will not have hearts problems and the third reason is because the exercise can give energy and also you feeling happy and more relaxed.
    The regular physical activity can help toy prevent or manage a wide range of health and concerns including stroke metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes depressions, certain types of cancer and falls.
    Some people might say that the exercise no can`t help to you health because for some people is bad do exercise and they have energy for do exercise
    If you do not exercise you might get problems on your health
    You should exercise daily because it is good for your health some reason you should do this is because it help your cardiovascular system and you have better condition, you should care because it is very good for your health.

  21. How would you feel if they let student use cellphone in school? In my opinion” I think student should allow using cell phone. I have a several reason why student should allow to use electronic in school. One they can use it for emergency. Two they can use it for dictionary. Three they can use it for research.
    First reason for using cellphone in school is for using dictionary. For example” In ferlazzo class every one of his student using dictionary because they don’t know what the word means.
    Second reason for using cellphone in school is student gets more practice at the best way to research a topic and they can easily share strategies with each other. I always use my cellphone to get more practice and research topics.
    Third reason for using cell phone in school is that if there an emergency in school then they can call the police. In my seventh grade there was a gun shot in my school when I look around the entire student were using their phone to call the police or their parent.
    Many people believe that cell phone shouldn’t be used in school because it’s make student not paying attention at school or their teacher. For example” my friend last year can’t use her cellphone because the teacher should’ve told them to take their phone out for research
    I believe that phone should be allow to be allow to use in school for emergency, dictionary and get more practice

  22. Did you know that people spend about $ 1000 in cigarettes .they loses their money on cigarettes .If they know this thing I think people should stop smoking.
    There are several reasons why I believe smoking is bad .when people start smoking at last those dead.
    The first reason smoking damage blood vessels and can make your heart beat faster and your blood pressure go up clots can also from cigarettes. My opinion is if our blood pressure go up our mind is no work .when your blood pressure get high you could get a chance of paralyzed.
    The another reason smoking causes most cause of lungs cancer if they smoke all time their lungs 99% failed and at last they dead. They cannot breath.my neighbor man smoking too much but he was poor he lose all money to get his treatment.
    The third reason is smoking has more death in women. If pregnant women smoke .she has a greater chance of medical health with her baby.my teacher smoke all time when her baby born her baby was not normal and her baby dead. She so sad and weeping to much because he was her first baby .at last she stop smoking.
    I believe at last every smoker stop smoking when they had an incident.
    Some people say smoking is beast for health. They say if any person hurt you then you start smoking its good for you .if you tired then you smoke you fill good and you forget your any problem and you feel good and whole sleep.
    But I am not agreeing with those people they are wrong .i say smoking is bad. I have many reason those sport my opinion. If we start smoking we lose everything .so I request all smoker please stop smoking. God please help smokers because they are wrong they do not know smoking is bad.
    If smoker cannot quite smoking their family should help by stopping them to smoke. Those who smoke them family should not sport to smoke. So it can help him for his help. If my any relative smoker I never sport him

  23. Laila Zaib
    Period: 03
    How can our country benefit from charity?
    Our country can benefit from charity through different ways. Such as our country can spend money with different ways for charity and give benefit to others.
    There are several reasons why it is important to donate money.
    One reason is we can donate or spend our money for others people. For example: we can build school for poor people. In this school they can get free education and they will be successful in their life. So, they can take part in progress of our country.
    The second reason is we can build Hospitals for poor people and in these hospitals treated with them better and specially treated with poor people free of coast without money and treat them better as well as possible.
    The third reason is we can build houses for poor people. So, they can live in peaceful environment and spend better life. We can also give them better food for eating. In this way we can safe save them several kinds of diseases. We can solve the many problems of the other with our money. So, we can do anything for other with our money we can buy shoes and clothes for poor with our money.
    Some people don’t like people donate money for charity, because they don’t want to spend their money for poor people. Because they think we do waste our money through this way but they don’t think that with this money they can survives the life of other poor people and provide them a better life.
    They say it’s a bad way, because they don’t think about other and don’t care about feelings of others people. They have no the spirit of humanity. They don’t think when they help other people and spend their money on poor people then all the people respect them. They think that with this money they can buy car and house for themselves but they don’t think they lose lot of on themselves every day.

    “To do more for World and then World does more for you- that is the real success”

  24. Viet Tran
    In W.W.2 Hiroshima, japan, receive 2 nuclear bombs from U.S Bombing plane, destroy everything 5km around it hit point. Many die, some alive but have to suffer with sickness that can’t be curse. I think this kind of weapon is too powerful and too toxic for the environment and the people around it, so all country who have nuclear weapon need to destroy all of it and stop making it, to help saving the world from destruction.
    The first reason nuclear weapon is bad it’s because nuclear bomb when hit will burn everything around it immediately. In fact an atomic bomb released the same amount of energy as approximately 20,000 tons of TNT, with that amount of energy the nuclear bomb released nothing will stand on its way.
    The second reason nuclear weapon is bad it’s because it extremely toxic, when hit the nuclear bomb will released a lot of radiation wave that will cost the victims long terms effect like heart cancer, lung cancer, etc.
    The last reason nuclear weapon is bad it because nuclear weapon is a destructive weapon that will destroy the world and create a mass extinction to every living thing. First, nuclear bombs will burn everything. Second, it’s extremely toxic because of the radiation wave that the bombs released. With two things above every living thing will get destroy and some of them may get extinct because of the environment that they live got destroy.
    Many people believe that having nuclear weapons is good because it help stopping the world war for 40 years. I would argue that even the weapon help stop the world war, but the weapon also a new treat that will start a new war and even bigger than ever before. However wars not yet start, so we have to Destroy the weapon first before it destroy everything.
    To stop the destruction of the world and the extinction of mankind we need to destroy all these destruction and Stop making them.

  25. Why the smoke and the chemicals affect our world? When my dad use the car. Every says that my dad destroys the world with his smoke on the street. I’m agreeing with the other people and I try some things to change.
    There are several reason is when you why my dad destroys but the question is: “Why the people destroy our world? The first reason is when you use the car you pollute with the smoke on the street. The second reason is the smoke destroys our health with the smoke. The third reason is when you drink water of our lakes or rivers you can have diseases as: stomach problems, digestive problems or can lead to death due to lead from batteries in any cases.
    Some people need use the car everyday by: his work, his problems, or like me that my dad comes and pick me up in school. The car can pollute but the humans need the car to survive.

    I think that is true is true because if you not use the car how you can do your work?

    Everyday our world loses ozone. The last year our world was contaminated by particles, liquids and gases induced by the smoke from our cars and factories. Also some people say that not only pollute the air because the water was contaminated too. In January the governor says the chemicals catch up to the river from Elk of Virginia because was contaminated by “chemicals as methanol”.

    In conclusion the humans destroy our world with the smoke, machines, and chemicals.

  26. The corruption in El Salvador
    The corrosion in El Salvador is too because nobody does nothing too strong and bad change the country, however there are very few people who follow the right path.

    The first problem is that nobody makes for better and have more disciplinal country, everyone does what they want because there are no jobs and fight each mine and the president does nothing.

    The second problem is that people also come from other countries to look for people to put them to gangs and have them locked up for a long time people and the reaction evil and fight with other people because they look that the government does nothing to recover all those people

    The third problem is that the president may have much money but to no avail because he grabs for it and let innocent people die while they also have the presidency they think that it may already dominate the country

    The underlying causes all these things is because there is a lot of money and the government does not care what happens to the people his long around

    Other causes that make corruption in the country is that all money belongs to the workers steal, and leave people out of work and it’s like all steal to survive and maintain for the whole family so there is much corruption in El Salvador

    The solution to all these problems is to change the president or have their own work to be independent of others persons.

    Is a solution that can improve the country only doing the right thing and that the government make things right


    Did you know that over 480,000 people in the USA and 100,000 in the UK die because of smoking each year.

    This essay is about why smoking is bad.

    There are several reasons why smoking is bad. One, smoking causes cancer. Two, smoking causes yellow teeth. And, three, smoking leads to formation of winkles.

    Smoking causes cancer. By damaging the cells that line the lungs. The cigarettes have substances carcinogens, smoking causes more than 4 in 6 cases of lung cancer.

    Smoking causes yellow teeth. Nicotine and tar in the tobacco, it can make your teeth yellow in a very short time, can lead to teeth staining, gum disease, teeth lose, and in more severe cases mouth cancer.

    Smoking causes formation of winkles. Cause the fine capillaries under your skin, causes your skin to look doll and lifeless, that the habit leads to permanent damage to connective fibers like elastin.

    Some people might say that they smoke and nothing bad has happened to me. But if they go with a doctor, they have bad news.

    There are several reasons why smoking is bad. Smoking causes cancer, smoking causes yellow teeth and smoking leads to formation of winkles. This is very important because you can die.

  28. This essay is about the Syria conflict in 2015
    Did you know that more than 21,000 people were killed in the Syria conflict in 2015.

    There are several reason why conflict are bad. One, many people died. Two, is not a threat to U.S. three, the pope is against the war in Syria.

    Many people died. Sometime 8,823 woman were also killed. In September 2015, 109 children were killed. On September 27, 2015, France launches 20 warplanes bombs on Raqqa

    Is not a threat. War in Syria is not a threat to the U.S. the united states supports the group of isis. U.S trained the isis to fight against Syria president.

    The pope is against the war in Syria. Pope calls for an urgent solution in Syria and said the peace cannot be bought or sold. The pope urges “every parish, every monastery” avails itself of a Syrian family

    Some people might say that conflict in Syria does not affect the whole world. But can cause a world war III.

    There are several reasons why conflict are bad. One, many people died. Two, is a threat to the whole world. Three, the pope is against the war in Syria. This information is very important that the world know

    Written by Felipe Lopez

    One day , I had seen the homeless , she and her daughter was sitting on the playground in the bowling green .They both was hungry but they don’t have health food to cook and eat and they want to sleep but they don’t have houses.

    This essay is talk about why people should help the homeless?

    There are several reason why I believe is so important many people helped homeless is one, because they don’t have health food. Two the Christ say is important to help people because they need house and need to cook their food. Three, is good to help kind of people they don’t have anything.

    Because they don’t have health food they’ll get sick poor health is both a cause and a result of homeless, health care is even more of a problem for people who care already homeless.

    Some people say many people in U.S their mental is not simply the absence of diagnosable mental health problem, mental health problem range from the worries we all experience as part of life.

    Why should important to help the homeless? is should important because many people was worries about their life.

  30. Neighborhood
    You want to live in the comfortable neighborhood but don’t know where it is? Don’t worry! I am writing this to introduce to you the best neighborhood in Sacramento. It is 95823. This neighborhood is the most comfortable and the best choice for you. The first reason for you is this neighborhood has many stores and restaurants. The second thing is it has a lot of people from many countries in the world.
    The first reason I think 95823 is the best is because it has many stores and restaurants so that you can buy whatever you want and it is easy to take food. All the restaurants in our neighborhood are fancy, there are lots of different kind of foods such as Vietnamese food, Mexican food, Thailand food and many types of food. You can try any new food you want. That is great, right? And about the stores, they are many big stores and easy to find and buy what you need. They sell every kind of food and from many countries. So that you don’t have to worry about your meal everyday anymore.
    Another reason I say 95823 is the best is because it has many people from many countries. When you walk on the street, you can see different kind of people such as Asian, Latino, African and more. In my source for 95823, I found out that in our neighborhood has 24.1% of Latino, 24.4% of African American, 23.8% White and 19.7% Asian. You can make friends with these people because they are kind and friendly. And you can learn from them about language, culture of their country and everything. So that you would know more about everything in the world. That is very helpful for you.
    Some people said 95823 is bad because there is some violence. But I’m sure with you it does not happen regularly. Violence happens because some people are mean with each other and if you don’t do anything wrong, you will live in peace. In addition, the people in our neighborhood mostly are good and very kind. You can easily make friends with them and don’t worry about anything.
    So my conclusion is 95823 is the best place to live. Two important reasons for you are many stores, restaurants and many people from many countries. There is nothing bad for you for living in our neighborhood. So come here and have fun in 95823. You are always welcome to live here.

  31. Best Neighborhood

    Where is the best place when we live in Sacramento? We chose the 95823 and 95819 to compare with the people who move to Sacramento. I think 95823 is the best neighborhood. 95823 have good environment and different country’s neighborhood.

    First reason I think 95823 neighborhoods is best, because it has a good environment. When we walk to there, we saw a lot house have plant the trees and flowers on the outside. There more street is clean and calm. There doesn’t have noise from the car, you can hear the voice of the birds. Some time you can see the squirrels go to your yard at raining day. There are also have many store. Those store have different country food. You can find what do you want to buy in different store, it is very good for neighborhood. The important thing is 95823 house rent is cheap than 95819.

    Second reason I think 95823 neighborhoods is best, because there have different neighborhood from their country. We have find some information is about the people who live in 95823. There have some race people. For example: Asia, Africa, South American, and local people. We are from different country, but everyone is nice. Maybe we can’t talk each other, but we have say Hi every day. If you have different country neighborhood, it will be interesting.

    Someone think 95823 is unsafe, because their people are from other country. You don’t know who is bad or good. I think this is not true, because bad guys also can live in the 95819. We cannot because other people come to other countries that they will have bad guys.

    I think 95823 is best neighborhood, because there have good environment, lower house rent, different store, and different neighborhood. I think that information can help the new people who live in Sacramento first time. I am live at 95823 one years and I like my neighborhood.

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