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  1. Toucan
    Toucans are pretty bird live in forest in South Africa they are many colors in the body.
    They can help others birds in might they are a little big and smart.
    Toucan eats fruit, insects, bananas, etc.
    They are not endangered because anything on the toucan is usually in a product.
    I chose to write about toucans because I saw one in front my house.

  2. !!Turtles!!
    The turtles are the most important in the world I’m going to tell you something about the turtle. For example: what does it look like, it is endangered, what does it eat and who eats it, where does it live and how many different types of turtles are there.
    Turtles eat many kinds of things like water plants, invert blares, tadpole, small fish and carrion. However, lizards, skunks and cats eat turtles.
    There are many different types of turtles. There are about 250 species like tortoise, big- headed turtle, mud turtle, hawksbill turtle, green turtle, hidden necked turtle, terrapin and many more.
    Turtle are endangered species because of many reasons, six of seven species of marine turtle are listed as a critically endangered, marine turtle are also threatened by humans who harvest turtle eggs and the destruction of hosting beaches. All stages of marine turtles life are affected by environmental conditions such as temperature__ even the sex of offspring.
    Turtle skin looks like snake skin, its head looks like a lizards head, its skin is rankly, they have a hard shell.
    The turtles live in many different areas; they live in Africa, Deserts, Ocean, Asia and small area of northern Mexico.
    In my conclusion I think the turtles are beautiful animals and I would like go to aquarium and I see nearly and touch them.

  3. Dove
    a pet. Dove is beautiful birds gray birds. In the moning Dove live to make sound. It live in the forest. urbanareas, Grassland and also prairie.

    The prmry predutors of this species are diurns. Birds of hawks. Durring nesieny corvids, gracles house cats.

    I choose to write about Dove because it’s a small birds soft and smooth. It easy to keep in

  4. Tigers are curious. They run fast as cars on a highway. They know how to swim. Tiger lives in sierra Asia India and Africa. Tiger are strong. They are beautiful because of there bright colors. The tiger look like a cat but are bigger. Tigers eat other animals they eat fish tigers favorite prey is deer and wild boar. They also eat and elope buffalo frogs, crabs and young elephants or hints

  5. Dolphins live on all the oceans of the world, there are many different kinds of dolphins .dolphins are so beautiful.
    Dolphins can be dangerous and others can be friends the dolphins eat fish and fresh meat. Others eat leaves from under the ocean.
    The dolphins are beautiful and smart that’s way people look for them because they can’t help people with mental problems.
    Dolphins are endangered animals, people are killing the dolphins living in oceans .we must protect them because they are becoming extinct
    I chose to write about dolphins because they are interesting .I also chose them because there are endangered animals.

  6. Butterfly
    Butterfly is a beautiful. You can see tham around in semmer
    Tiam. They are a beautiful corlors. They can fly in a graup. They wings
    are spots.
    They are small they are four wings and six legs. Butterflies it’s feed by primarily on nectar from flowers.
    The butterfly life cycle consists of four part they lay egg. They
    Hatch to lava and they turn into caterpillar. They also twist cocoon and
    turn to adult.
    I chose the butterfly because I like them. They are little insect
    And they can not bite. I like them when it flop the wings butterfly can not raise a pet it like very short,and I can feed.

  7. Tigers

    Someday sunny, I went to Guadalajara zoo, between many different animals; I liked so much the tiger. I’m going to tell you something about tigers, for example what does it eats, where does it live, how long does it live and many other interesting facts.
    The tiger eat many different animals, but they prefer big animals. For example antelopes, elephants, in the water they hunt reptiles and on the trees monkeys.
    The tiger live in many places on the world, some tigers live in south Asia and mountains valleys, however; other tiger live in tropical forest and near the water.
    The tiger live along of life. Some tigers live up 20 years; some tigers get to live 25 years, other tiger live under 20 years for example 18, 15 or 10 years, but sometimes the hunters try to kill them.
    There are also many other interesting facts about tigers. For example their skin can be used to make a coat. Also they are very strong and fast. The male tiger is larger than the female. The weight is about 400-600 lb. their length is about 4-9 ft. they look very pretty, they have so much heir, they have brown and orange stripes and also they have a tail.
    I chose the tiger because is a very pretty, i like the way they live. They are fastest than other animals. And they are very strong and big. I like how they look.
    I think the tiger is a good animal. I would like go to an excursion to the jungle and see the tigers nearly.

  8. Dolphins
    Dolphins are beautiful and interesting. Dolphins live in many water of world.
    The dolphins have small eyes. Dolphins have long beaks. They dolphins are grey. They have fins and small teeth and other things.
    The dolphins eat small fish. They also eat shrimps. They also eat squid.
    The dolphins are endangered because the marine pollution. Also they are killed by legal fishing.
    I chose to write about dolphins because I like and is one animal interesting.

  9. Butterfly
    Butterfly is a beautiful. You can see tham around in semmer
    Time. They are a beautiful corlors. They can fly in a graup. They wings
    are spots.
    They are small they are four wings and six legs. Butterflies it’s feed by primarily on nectar from flowers.
    The butterfly life cycle consists of four part they lay egg. They
    Hatch to lava and they turn into caterpillar. They also twist cocoon and
    turn to adult.
    I chose the butterfly because I like them. They are little insect
    And they can not bite. I like them when it flop the wings butterfly can not raise a pet it like very short,and I can feed.

  10. Animal Report Example CHAMELEONS.
    The chameleons are very interesting and live in Africa and Madagascar.
    The other interesting facts the chameleons can change color and there are about 161 species of chameleons.
    The chameleons eat grass, hoppers, insects and crickets.
    The chameleons look small and the eyes are very small and their skin is rough.
    Chose to research a bout chameleon because I have one and they are very cute and I enjoy watching my chameleon change color.

  11. wolves
    Wolves are beautiful animals and live in many mountains all around the world. They are very interesting animals.
    Wolves have a big nose and large teeth. Some wolves are gray and some are brown and very little are black. They have much hair to withstand the cold.
    They eat meat and animals like chickens of others animals. Wolves await the night to hunt their prey and eat.
    Wolves live in forest, some live in the snow with your family. The majority live in the mountains.
    They take a walk at night. They manage to look at night with perfect quality. In all herds there is a leader.
    I choose it because I like their eyes. Wolves because are like dogs. Also I like the wolves because they bark at the moon.

  12. Do you know monkey is the animal but they have many things special as human? Do you think this way?
    After this I’ll tell you what does monkey eat and who eats it, and how many different kinds of monkey in the world, also I’ll tell you where does it live and why did I chose monkey, these other interesting facts.
    Monkey could eat many different kinds of food. They eat foods from farms the people grow bananas. They also eat eggs and nuts. Monkey in danger from bigger animals than them and many hunters try to hunt them.
    Many monkeys live different area. For example they live in jungle, and in Africa. They like to live high on the trees with green surrounding, they are even monkeys likes to live in mountain.
    In the world many different kinds of monkey but they live different places. Mountain gorilla in one in many kinds of monkey, they only like to live in the jungle on the mountain. Black-handed-spider also is monkey they live in most forests in Africa and they only have one game for play for everyday are climb on the high trees or swing on any trees like a tarzan instead of walk on the land as human, and also some kinds of monkey can stand up. Average monkey can live over 40 years.
    For reasons why I did choose monkey cause they live in the forest with green parts around them and this is peace symbolical. They have many special things like human, for example to people believe are monkey so intelligent and most of them so fun even gorilla.
    Monkey has many things special and different than other animals in the world. They have muscles toes and strong handed arm as human. And also some kinds of monkey can stand up. Average monkey can live over 40 years.
    I hoping to have a monkey in home or I can play with monkey in the zoos for everyday but I’m live in apartment so I can’t have animals, that’s means I can’t have monkey or play with them everyday for many years.

  13. The dolphin is the most important in the world because all dolphins are beautiful. I’m going to tell you something about the dolphin. For example where does they live, how smart is it what does it eat etc.
    The dolphins eat different for example fish, squid and crustacean.
    The dolphin life more the 40 year’s or some dolphin life less.
    The dolphin than can help some illnesses for example special needs autism. The dolphin swimming can help positive growth.

    The dolphin lives in different place for example in the and in the zoo. The dolphin live according the temperature and tropical water because the tropical water is bad the dolphin died.
    The dolphin is very smart have language that people cannot understand and have connection with other people and handstand the people. The dolphin second to humans of brain size.
    I would like touch the dolphin I think the dolphin skin is soft

  14. Why lion are stronger than other animals? I will tell you why lion are powerful and also ill tell you what dose they eats what color are they and where they live.
    The lion eats many different animals. Mainly large grazing animals such as zebra
    Impala and wildebeest also young buffalo other antelope’s carrion and fallen fruits. Carrion is the flesh and bones of a dead animal that is unfit for human food.
    After the lion ate the zebra birds fed on the arrion.
    Lions live in many different areas. For example he live in desert and the mostly live in Africa open country samara with scrub speeding trees or read beds Asia
    Although the Africa lion is not listed as end angered it is far from plentiful most lion are now found in eastern Africa with the largest groupings in the Serengeti where more life is is harsh they are still life and they are more than others.
    The lion are stronger than other animals and the color of lion is brown the largest lion was recorded to be nearly 700 pounds and nearly 11 foot long and many lion male are fighting to each other because of female lions .
    I choose this animal because I like this animal most then other and am most interested in this animal then others I have a lot information about this animal in my life if good will give me chance to bring it to me and have at home ill bring it and taker of it and this is my favorite animal.

    Do you like beautiful bird? I can tell you about the waxwing bird. Why the waxwing bird have beautiful color.
    The waxwing eats strawberries, mulberries, serviceberries, juniper berries, grapes, crabapples, mountain ash fruits, honeysuckle. All the fruits are good for waxwing eating.
    The waxwings like to live British each winter, breeds in taiga forest and especially spoke and pine. All the country is beautiful and cool to the waxwing.
    I choose the waxwing because they are beautiful, I like when they fly to the sky is beautiful and look like fun.
    The waxwing was small is 13/4 -21/2 Oz and they not big like the people, they was small like the people hand or baby hand.

    I hope to see the waxwing someday.


  16. My favorite animal is butterfly.I choose butterfly because its look like very beautiful.Butterflies drink nectar from flowers through their tongues, which function much like straws. Butterfly caterpillars almost all eat plant matter. Mainly the caterpillars eat leaves, but some species eat seeds and seed pods while others specialize on flowers. Most species will eat only a small group of related plant species. Butterflies usually live around flowers since they feed on nectar. They also live on plants, to eat the plant sap or even near rotting fruits. Generally, butterflies live most their lives flying around in the air searching for food and pollinating flowers.Two other interesting facts in butterfly 1Monarch butterflies journey from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, a distance of about 2,000 miles, and return to the north again in the spring.
    2Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees. Eat species of asters.Butterflies are endangered in future. because of several reasons that have led to a decline in the number of butterflies in the world. The different reasons include loss of butterfly habitats, being collected as specimens for international trade and change in the climate.

  17. whale
    The whale is my favorite animal, It’s so cool, it in the sea is a top big animal! It color have white and blue.
    Blue whale is endangered animal, many peoples kill whale and take it change money, because whale have been an important part of peoples.
    How about whale eats? And who eats it?
    I think whale also eat a variety of fish such as salmon cod flatfish herring and smelt.
    How about whale live in where? Whale live in the sea, but whale not belong to fish, because whale is mammal, long ago whale live in the land.
    I often search about whale things, so I got most interesting faces about the whale, the blue whale is the largest know mammal, that has ever lived, with a length of up to 105ft long and weight of 150tons, that’s the weight equivalent of 150small cars! The blue whale is the largest know mammal that has ever lived, with a length of up to 105ft long and weight of 150tons. That’s the weight equivalent of 150 small car!

  18. The zebra
    The zebra is an interesting and beautiful creature. A zebra looks similar to a horse except that instead of being a solid color they are covered in black and white stripes.

    I chose the zebra it my favorite animal I know because it is similar to the horse and if your stripes are for some defense.

    Zebras mainly live in mountainous, grassland and shrub land areas. They are usually found in Africa in countries such as Namibia, South Africa, Angola, Kenya and Ethiopia. Zebras are herbivores and therefore eat vegetation using their long jaws which help them hold the food in the mouth.

    Zebras diet consists of things such as twigs, grass, and leaves. When there is drought, they can survive by eating the dry grasses of the habitat.

    Lions are the main predator of Zebras, but they have many other animals they should be wary of! Cheetah and Leopards are well known hunters of them, as well as African hunting dogs.

    Zebras are endangered it has lost so much of its habitat and has lost their main supply of food they became endangered. There are only around 2500 zebras left today in Africa.

    There are three species of zebras in Africa. The Burchell’s, the Grey’s, and the Equus Zebra, or mountain zebra. Their Swahill name is Punda Milla and they can live up to about 30 years in captivity.

    In conclusion, zebras are interesting creatures in this world that are part of family of horses and donkeys worldwide there are three types of zebras are the plains zebra, mountain zebra and gravy zebra.

    Because a teddy bear has his hair softly. Rabbit are soft animals they have long ears and big teeth.
    Because I like jumping and teeth and teeth and look pretty. Rabbits remind me of when I was in El Salvador.
    They live at home or in the field also in the mountains.
    Rabbbits eat carrots, lettuce, alfalfa, and grass green branches also eat processed food and sold in pet stores.
    They are safe because females give birth live in the mountains are in there are hunters who hunt them.

  20. APES and humans?
    There are different kinds of apes that look like humans. One of them is the Chimpanzee. The Chimpanzees look more like humans. Chimpanzees are the great ape family just like humans. Many scientists said that there were many species of apes. Some monkeys lives on the tree, others live on the ground. Like human Chimpanzees can have children and so we are all the same species. Human and Chimpanzees are descendants from the same common ancestor. The humans and chimpanzees have 99% of the same DNA.

    Chimpanzees have 48 Chromosomes ancestor two more than humans. The baby chimpanzees spend a lot time together playing and the human socialize. Just like the humans take care of babies chimpanzees take care of their babies too. The Chimpanzees communicate through gestures and facial expressions. And human communicate through vocalizations and gestures and facial expressions.

    Chimpanzees and humans both eat plants and meat and humans and chimpanzees are able to walk on two legs. This is why we are relative to the apes.

  21. Life of the free birds

    The bird is a very pretty helpless.
    Birds despite are animals que cannot defend themselves from each other.
    Birds feed on insects from land and crumbs on the streets or park.
    The birds more dangerous bird a snake.
    Some birds are in danger of intent but who are no longer in danger should care.
    Something the birds make is that when they teach their babies to fly riesgan in are can fall them and not have them with them but it is very interesting.

  22. The life of a dog

    Dogs are good animals to humans although when humans speak dogs do understand what the owner tells them dogs are my favorite animal.
    Because it is the animal that I like. Dogs do not ignore you when you talk to them.
    Live in different things like homemade dog house human on the streets and everywhere
    Dugs eat food sometimes they eat food like chicken or beef and bread. Carnivorous animals like the lion and tiger and other carnivorous. Can eat dogs
    The Ethiopian wolf. This is the world’s most endangered canid with fewer than 500 individuals left on earth
    Many roles in society, but the most important is friends ship

  23. Panda
    The panda has a black and white color. It is fat. It is from china.
    The panda every day to eat food and sleep through. Because it is lazy.
    It likes to eat bamboo shoots and leaves. The panda bites the bamboo. The panda will not hunt or kill other animals. The panda eats plants. Other animals can’t eat panda.
    The panda cannot be a pet. The panda is endangered.
    Because it is cute and it is a national treasure. My favorite thing about the panda is sleep and eat.

  24. Tiger

    The tiger is black and brown and white. Tiger live is Asia. The Tiger is very big and very strong. The Tiger is eats pigs and deer’s. The Tiger one day eat one pig or one deer. The Tiger don’t eats plants or berries. Tiger are not pets. Tiger is very dangers. I like Tiger. Because Tiger is the King animal.

  25. The leopard looks like a big strong animal. Its color is yellow and black. Leopard lives in south Africa. Leopard lives in the savanna

    Leopard runs at 140 mph and jumps 3 meters and is too flexible that its rear legs reach front wings because it is a very important leopard

    The leopard food is meat. The leopard hunting other animals. No it is not another animal’s food

    No, no he can a be a pet yes is a leopard in endangered

    Because is a endangered that runs. The leopard very fast

  26. Cobras are the only snake in the world that build nests for their egg, which they gave ferociously until the hatchling emerge. Cobras are venomous snake that living in south Asia.
    Cobras with their interesting hoods and intimidating up right posture are some of the most iconic snake on Earth.
    A cobras are eating almost any type of snake, including other venomous snake. I think a cobra find little snake and kill them to eating. Yes, the cobra can hunt and can make you die. The cobra doesn’t eat plant or berry. Another can eat cobra for food.
    Cobra can’t be a pet because cobra can hit people die. I think not endangered because I see a lot in Indian.
    I want choose this animal because this animal is very interesting. I think this animal like to eat venomous snake and very strong of any animal.

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