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  1. I like this assay because it help me understand .

    The evidence can show me understand the true.
    I like badminton because I use I play in Thailand

  2. Basketball
    Basketball is very fun. Many people play basketball because it is a good sport
    Basketball equipment is shoes, uniform, and a basketball. The positions are point guard, power forward, and a shooting guard.
    Basketball violations are: the ball must stay with the court. The ball maybe advanced to ward the basket by being shot. The ball handler may not stop with both feet whit out dribbling.
    To block a shot a player has to be able to reach a point higher than where a shot is released. A block is performed when after a shot is attempted.
    I chose basketball because is good for the health and makes the people tall.

    When I was about 5 years old, my dad talked to me about baseball. There was when I started to learn many things about baseball. Now I’m going to tell you something like where did the baseball come from, rules, field, equipment and any thing more important.

    Baseball come especially from the United States, baseball developed from earliest folk games. Americans play baseball in different way, it was called town ball. Then a person began to call it in different name like goal ball, round ball, catch ball and many others, and then the people began to modify the way to play and now its called baseball.

    Baseball has a especial way to play. Two teams with 9 players each team. You can’t use the feet for kick the ball. When the batter hit the ball, she or he has to run; the player must touch all the bases and the home plate to score a run.

    Baseball field is formed by many things, the shape is a little confused, it’s like two sides of a square and other side like a circle, and it has three bases and a home plate. 90 ft. between bases, pitching mound 18 ft. diameter circle, and pitching rubber to home plate about 60 ft. also it has two coach’s box.

    To play baseball players need a lot of equipment, for example the ball that is hit, caught and thrown. Baseball bat is like a big stick used to hit the ball baseball glove worn on hand by team on defense, and helmet worn by the batter.

    I think baseball is a very good sport because when I was a little boy I enjoyed too much playing baseball. Now I want to send this message to other people to motive to play baseball.

  4. Soccer
    Soccer is an interesting sport.
    Soccer is beautiful and funny. It`s played all over the world.
    Soccer has many categories like first division where the best teams in the country play. Soccer has a champion league where the best teams from all the European teams compete for the trophy.
    Soccer has also a lot history. First people to invented soccer in Egypt in III A. C. and years later and Greece, also in the imperial roman and in Britain.
    Soccer also has many rules like penalties. It is when the defender attacks the other team. Also soccer has free throws, goal kick, kick band.
    I chose write about soccer because it’s inspired.

    By: onner José Amaya Vasquez
    Date: 26/04/12


  5. Soccer
    Many people play soccer and I like play soccer.
    The soccer has many rules. In the soccer game there are two times of 45 minutes each. You can’t use the hands only the goalies. Players can not beat them to the others players.
    The soccer players need equipment. The things they need is, uniform, short, shirt, soccer shoes, average, ball. The goalie needs goal keeper gloves.
    Soccer players play in large fields. The field has two areas and the field measure 350 by 250 ft. the field is mad of grass. The shape is a rectangle.
    I have soccer team. Consist of 10 players and 1 goalie you can have more than 11 people on the team for substitution.
    I like soccer because it’s fun and healthy.

    Viva Mexico.

    Hiram Lucky

    Basketball which is a male and female sport has grown throughout the year. There are specific ways to dress in basketball and exercise to make your body get stronger and healthy. In order to be good at play basketball you have to follow the rule. Playing basketball is fun and interesting sport to play.
    There are events that happen in basketball history that made basketball the way it is today. Eckie Jordan led her high school team to the state championship in 1942. And Micheal Jordan was the top player in the Chicago bulls. And also Magic Johnson was the top player in the NBA. Dr. James Naismith was the father of basketball. The true standard-bearer for the flamboyant ABA game turned out to be Julius Erving, and Larry Bird was the NBA’s most valuable player for three straight years in the mid 1980’s, shoots a three-pointer
    In basketball there are rule you have to follow. Before you step with the ball to the other court you have to dribble the ball and make a shot. To keep the other team from winning you have to block them so they can’t make a score. The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands. A player cannot run with the ball. The player must throw it from the spot on which he catches it, allowance to be made for a man who catches the ball when running at a good speed if he tries to stop. The ball must be held in or between the hands; the arms or body must not be used for holding it. When the ball goes out of bounds, it shall be thrown into the field of play and played by the first person touching it. In case of dispute the umpire shall throw it straight into the field. The thrower-in is allowed five seconds. If he holds it longer, it shall go to the opponent. If any side persists in delaying the game, the umpire shall call a foul on that side.
    In NBA you wear the same cloth like jersey. You have to comfortable so you have to wear sneaker so you can run fast and loose close. Many people like to wear long shock with short, and pad’s to protect them so they can’t get fall down to the ground and also get hurt from other player. The importance of suitable eWhen a person is involved in any athletic activity, an injury can occur specially in a contact sport. Basketball is a highly competitive sport you should make sure clothes and shoes fit appropriately to allow maximum effort. In all sports it’s essential that you have suitable and defensive clothing.quipment and clothing in sport.
    Basketball is an interesting sport to play. This sport keep you active and you can remain healthy. I success many people want to learn more about this sport. All you have to do is play and have fun with each other and running around so you can get more energy and it make your body get healthy and stronger.

  7. Have you ever wonder about the history of soccer? The best sport is soccer because it is interesting and fun, because this sport has many exercises, stretching is one of the most important because is good that your body have flexibility, also ankles, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexor, inner thigh, hips, shoulders, triceps, neck crunches and strength also does are good, so for this sport is better.
    Just like any other sport, soccer has set of rules that the players have to follow, the game is played with two terms of II players each, the object of the game is to be the learn that scores the most goals during the 90 minutes allotted for play. The ball is moved down the field by any part of the body except the from shoulders to fingertips.
    Learning to play soccer has a lot of difficulties because is a hard sport to learn, soccer is generally played outdoors on a grass field. Each team has a net at their end of the field, each team has II players, but only the goalie on each team can use his/her hands to handle the ball. The other players mostly use their feet, but can use all parts of their body except their hands and arms to pass the ball teammates and set up scoring attempts.
    To have control in the ball you must practice everyday with the soccer ball. To have a skill you practice without looking at the soccer ball, look at the ball as you make contact, passes should always be crisp, lead your teammate with the ball, don’t try to force the ball to a guarded player, you don’t always have to move the ball forward don’t telegraph you pass.
    In my conclusion soccer is a beautiful sport that all worlds want to play it, because is healthy and a fun sport. Because the exercise that you do can help you in many different ways like getting cardio, muscle. I also think this is a fun sport because you have a lot of fun with your friends and you good work out form plaing soccer.

  8. Soccer duy bui
    Many Century ago, people was plays soccer with anything can be circle. Although, they didn’t have matches between different countries around the world but they still practice by themselves until FIFA established.
    You’ll know detail about what is soccer rules, how many kinds of soccer game do people has, history of soccer, and players after this.
    The rule of soccer is simply to play but so hard to understand if you’re not interesting. The basic of soccer rules are both teams must have 11 players and absolute they can’t use their hands until match over, but except goalkeepers can utilize every parts on their body for protect the goal. Also if player slides, kicks or does violence to their opponents for gets the ball, so they’ll get yellow cards, red card, or penalties for what they did.
    In the matches, each team must have 11 players and each player should plays in area near by where they are in formation, and what they have to do. Goalkeepers are the persons who don’t have to run around the field but they must defend their goal very hard. Sweeper is person who passes the ball to forwards for makes score and show off who they are.
    Nowadays, people have many kinds of soccer game with different awards and levels. The colossal soccer game attracts many people around the world interesting is world cup season. In that time they can show who is top around the world. But one thing so sad is world cup only has one time in each 4 years. The game almost excited than world cup, this game between many professional, and famous players from coach has selected in some town of talent people is C1 game.
    History of soccer is story so inspired, and exciting to most people. Soccer is sport has many century ago, it has grown up from England, and they only played soccer with any circle things. They didn’t have any company organized to soccer, so they can’t played with another countries until FIFA established by early 1930’s. At that time Pele’ is player who has most popular, also he was one leads Brazil went into final match and brought the gold cup to their country with proud.
    I think soccer is sport has most popular but so dangerous than any sport else. However, I hope I can be famous player in future.

    Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world. But one of the most important parts is Europe.

    The history of soccer in one of the most popular in Europe and Americans. It has a vivid and interesting history in the world of sports. Early evidence of soccer bang played as a sport finds occurrence in china during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. In china, it was during the Hand dynasty that people dribbled leather balls by kicking in into a small net.

    Some of the exercises they do are stretching, triceps, neck, shoulders. The reason the stretch is because so that they wand get crams. The reasons they do triceps work out is because they need arm strength to push the other players. Neck exercises are so that your neck won’t hurt after the game. Shoulders are also for pushing other players.

    Some of the rules of soccer are: the game is played with two terms of 11 players each. The object of the game is to be the team that score the most goals during the 90 minutes allotted for play. The ball is moved down the field by any part of the body except the arm from shoulders to fingertips.

    There are two types of control. One of the type is receiving, is useful when running into space. Try to make contact whit the middle or top part of the ball. The other one is trapping, is typically used when the ball is going to fast to direct with your first touch. The most important part here is staying louse and on your toes.

    In conclusion soccer game is good for you healthily and also is very fun sport to play. Soccer history makes soccer to be so popular sport because all teams and players that have pass on the carrier.

    kathia meza

  10. Thien-Y Huynh
    Badminton is a best simple sport ever. Badminton such as tennis but it easier than tennis. We don’t need much energy when we play. It is a reason that many girls play badminton and me too. I was play badminton when I was 10 years old. Badminton is one of my favorites sport, and I play with my family most of time.
    Badminton’s roots are in 5th century B.C China. It evolved from a game of kicking a small feathered object, a shuttlecock. British officials in India learned the game, known as Poona, and took it to England. It was played at badminton, Gloucestershire, country home of the Duke of Beaufort in 1973. From here, the game took its English name. Beginning in 1992, badminton became a medal sport in the summer Olympic Games.
    Equipment of badminton is racquet and bird. Racquet of badminton use to hit the bird. It shaped like a tennis racquet and has string but it weigh much less. The racquet can be made of various materials. It should have crossed strings and a flat hitting surface, and has a maximum length of 26 ¾ inches. The shuttlecock (also called the shuttle or birdie) has small ball at the front to give it speed. It contain 14 to 16 feathers or a plastic mesh extending 2 ¾ inches from a cock or synthetic base.
    Here are some basis rules you should know. A rally is won when a shuttle is hit over the net and onto the floor of the opponent’s court. A rally is lost if the shuttle is hit into the net but outside of the opponent’s court. A rally is also lost if the shuttle touches the player’s clothing or body, or if it hit before is cross over the net.
    If the serving side wins a rally it scores a point, and serves again but from the alternate service court. If the receiving side wins the rally, the score remains unchanged and the services pass to the next player in turn. In singles, this is the opponent in double it’s either the partner or if both players have just had a turn of serving, one of the opponents. In men’s singles and double events, 15 points win a game. However, if the score reaches 14-14, the side which first reached 14 can choose either to play to 15, or to set the game to 17 points. The final score will reflect the sum of the points won before setting plus the points gained in setting. Scoring in women’s singles is slightly different. 11 points wins a game and there is the option to set to 13 points at 10-10.
    Xu Huaiwen was the one of famous badminton players that I heard about from my badminton teacher. Through the internet, I find more information about her and I know that she was born on August 2, 1975. Xu was born in Guiyang, Huizhou, and People’s of republic of China. She is a female badminton player from Germany. She played badminton at the 2004 Summer Olympics, losing to Zhou MI of China in the round of 32. She started to be successful in the year 2006. She won in January the Swiss Open and the European Championship in the women single, defeating Mia Adina of Nether lands in the final in April.
    I love badminton and it’s the first and best sport that I played in my life. It doesn’t need much energy to play. We can play with our family or our friends to relax for a work hard week. I was playing badminton with my family at weekend and it was fun memories in my family. I’m sure that it will happen with your family.

  11. Soccer
    Soccer is one of the active sports play in the world it takes a lot of effort to play soccer.
    Soccer has many ways to play in order to win soccer is generally played outdoors on a grass field each team has a net at their end of the field the object of game is to get score more goals than the other team by kicking a soccer ball into the net each team has 11 players but only the goalie on each team can use his hand the ball the other players mostly use their feet but can use all parts of their body except their hands and arms to pass the ball to team mates and set up scoring.
    The origin of football or soccer can be found in every corner of geography and Chinese Japanese Italy Greek Persian Viking and many more payers a ball game long before our era the Chinese play soccer games date as far back as 3000 years ago and also all the people likes soccer because soccer makes people strong and makes people happy. And soccer healthy for people they makes stronger.
    Soccer only English speaking people have that kind of soccer in the other country they don’t know about soccer like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Some countries has deferent games like Pakistan and India have a game called cricket America don’t have this game like soccer some countries have soccer and some countries have not soccer.
    A lot people like soccer specially boys, boys like a lot soccer. I don’t why they like soccer that much Luther Burbank has soccer team it is a really god team soccer like I said the origin of football and soccer can be found in every corner of geography and Chinese, Japanese etc these countries have good players soccer team. (Hussein)

  12. Soccer
    Soccer is a fun sport between two teams.
    In soccer there are team’s different rules different equal men
    And a large stadium soccer is played arrow the world.
    In soccer they is defend types of equipment. In soccer are
    Soccer balls soccer shoes or ten have cheats or spikes.
    Uniform short shirt shin. Rules in soccer are many rules the rules are you cant use
    The goalies. In a soccer game there are two lines of.
    Us minutes each players can not heat them to the other players.
    Team they are many team in soccer the team consists of. 10 players and 1 goalies. You can have more than 11 people.
    On the team for substitution. Can happen of ten.

    The Azteca stadium in Mexico during the opening ceremony
    Of the 1986. cup no camp Barcelona Spain coupled in 1957. Of 66 million pesetas.

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