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Here are our virtual summer school classes and instructions on how to use them. I will be adding new ones over the next two weeks:

1) U.S.A. Learns

Register for all three classes:

Type in Ferlazzo in teacher’s name. You must register three separate times. Each time you must type in a different class password because there are three different classes.

Password: burbank1

Password: burbank2

Password: burbank3

2) Virtual Grammar Lab

Register there and select Burbank High School from the “dropdown” menu.

3. Zondle

Go to Zondle and register. Use this access code: 9930-14500

4. English Central

Register at our class page at English Central. Then pick any videos to watch and record your audio.

5. Study Ladder

Get user names and passwords here.

6. ZooWhiz

Get User Names and passwords here.

6. Raz Kids

Type in “mrferlazzo” and then click on your name.

Go the “Bookroom” tab to access all the books at all levels.

7. My Testbook

Passwords are here.

8. First 55

User name: mrferlazzo Password: burbank

Click “Go”

Go To “Student Desk”

Click on your name and “icon”

9. English For All

Register at the site and type in the class password “burbank1”

That’s burbank one

(MARCO: Remember MexicoMexicoMexico )

10. Mingoville

Mingoville Passwords

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