11 thoughts on “Advanced Writing

  1. Do you think it is hard to invent new things?
    I think very hard to invent something new.
    Inventing the bicycle was hard because about twenty years they have new ideas to invent the bicycle.
    This makes me remember my country people use bicycle are very popular.

  2. Do you think birds are interesting?

    I think birds are interesting because the book says that the peacock is very fast, is very strong, is big and beautiful.
    This makes me remember when I went to the zoo with my country.

  3. what qualites were importants to president Obama’s success?

    President Obama’s was a positive person, and he was very humble and intelligent. He wanted to give the example that everything is possible.
    Because he wanted to help the poor people and make a better country.

  4. which pig was the best?
    I think the third little pig because he was build a brick house should not the house wolves.
    This make me remember?
    My country houses are made of bricks.

  5. What is the most interesting thing about ants?
    Wow. Something like that its note.
    The mot most interesting thing about ants?
    3 body parts.
    + The back is the abdomen.
    + The middle part is called the thorax.
    + The third is the head.
    The book say “Parts of an ant.”
    This make me remember in my country people are raising ants a lot and they use these ants to catch the reptiles.

  6. the most interesting thing i learned about brain is the brain controls many body muscles, and is the most important part of the body.

    this make me remember when i went to a museum and i learned about the brain.

  7. What is the hardest part about making rice?
    I think the pour the right amount of water is the hardest part of making rice.
    It’s hard because if you pour a lot of rice water will be wet and if you pour less water, the rice will be dry so the measurement of water is difficult to making rice.
    This makes me remember?
    My country in the indispensable meal of rice.

  8. what is the most interesting thing about elephants?
    I think the most important thing about elephants are their big ears and their long trunk.

    The book said, ” they use their ears to hear, swat insects, cool off, and show their feelings”.

    This make remember when i saw a big elephant in Honduras.

  9. What is the most interesting thing about Totem Poles?
    I think carving a bird from a block of wood most interesting thing about Totem Poles.
    The book said “Wood carved out totem poles.”
    This make me remember I saw a lot of wooden furniture.

  10. What is the most fascinating thing you learned about Puppets?
    I think me fascinating is that the puppets are made of wood.
    Connect: The hand puppets use the movement of your hand.

  11. what is the most fascinating thing you learned about coral reefs?
    The most fascinating is than coral reefs are beatiful. Reefs are also valuable. Reefs help protect coast from storms and floods.

    connet: coral reefs is very important for the life of the fish.

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