Write A Story With A Painting

Will you please create a post on the top of your blog called “Write a Story with Paintings” and in the text post this (from an earlier post):

The Art of Storytelling (www.artofstorytelling.org/tell) is a site from the Delaware Art museum that lets you pick a painting, write a short story about it and record it with your microphone. After you record, please post the link in the comments too this blog.

One thought on “Write A Story With A Painting

  1. The friends

    The pig, the wolf and the dog are good friends and they were always together. One day the pig said: “I don’t want to be your friend; I will have other friend” and the pig go to the snake and they became friend’s bout the snake wants to eat the pig and the pig go with the wolf and the dog and they said: “no everybody can de your friend”.

    Moral: “be careful who you meet

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