Go to The Best Sites To Learn About Climate Change to research information to help you answer this question:

How do you think climate change will affect you?

Write a paragraph response using the ABC Format:

Answer the question

Back it up with evidence, like a quotation

Make a comment and connection

You can also watch these videos again to get more information:

Brainpop’s animation on Global Warming

Write your Cinderella essay in a Word document and post it in the comments section.

Here are online activities that you can do over the summer. Your other teachers and I can see how much work you have done over the summer. You will receive extra credit for your work in Mr. Ferlazzo’s class next year and in your other classes:

1) U.S.A. Learns

Register for all three classes:

Type in Ferlazzo in teacher’s name. You must register three separate times. Each time you must type in a different class password because there are three different classes.

Password: burbank1

Password: burbank2

Password: burbank3

2) Virtual Grammar Lab

Register there and select Burbank High School from the “dropdown” menu.

3. Zondle

Go to Zondle and register. Use this access code: 9930-14500

4. English Central

Register at our class page at English Central. Then pick any videos to watch and record your audio.

5. Raz Kids

Type in “mrferlazzo” and then click on your name.

Go the “Bookroom” tab to access all the books at all levels.

6. English For All

Register at the site and type in the class password “burbank1″

That’s burbank one

7. No Red Ink

Register using this class code “dk3fmh3c”

8. Quill

First, you register. Then:

Use this code: “fond-roof”

9. Power My Learning

First you register, then join a class using this code: “708618”

10. Curriculet

Just go directly to the link and you will be able to register for the class.

11. Quizlet

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