Week 30: Starting our Unit on Ecology and the Ancient Americas


We are starting some new units on ecology, and Ancient Meso-America. This week I’d like you to:

  • Send me a comment answering the first question, then one more question from 2-5;
      1. What is something you learned at the Tour of Nations?
      2. What are you looking forward to about studying these units?
      3. Is there something you think we should be doing as part of studying these topics?
      4. What are you not looking forward to about any of these units?
      5. What should we avoid doing?
  • Look at these Science Fair Experiments sites, and start thinking about what you would like to explore in your science fair project:
    • List of Science Fair Ideas – Science Bob This list is best for getting ideas. It lists potential questions to ask, but the list is there to get you thinking up ideas of your own and does not tell you “how-to” do the projects.
    • Science Fair Project Ideas This is a comprehensive list by category, and will tell you what to do from start to finish.
  • Write a post for your blog, or leave a comment on someone else’s blog;
  • Go to the unit links at the (all links except for May Dos).
  • When I say it’s time you can do May Dos.

olmec by kate at yr own risk, on Flickr

13 thoughts on “Week 30: Starting our Unit on Ecology and the Ancient Americas

  1. There were a couple of things that I learned at the Tour of Nations. One thing I learned is that in India, Mahatma Gandhi’s face is on the 100-dollar bill.

    I’m looking forward to learning for about science and solar radiation. Also I’m looking forward to learn about Meso-America.

  2. 1. one of the many things i learned was that of the many diffrent small nations. one of the few is whales witch is a realy cool castle.that is what i learned in tour of nations.

    2. there are many things i am looking foward to in these units but i am mainly looking foward to learning about convection currents. i want to learn about that because it has a very intresting name. that is why i want to learn about convection currents.

  3. One thing I learned was that gandhi some how his face is on money.I’m looking forward to playing outside.I’m not looking forward to homework when star testing.

  4. I learned in the tour nations that Russia has 32 letters in the alphebet.

    I am looking forward to Ancient Greece like the Athens and Sparta.

  5. I learned that how to ask for sticker and that Italy’s money is about the some amount as our money. I looking forward to how we can help endanger animals.

  6. I am looking forward to learning about different ancient civilizations and learning about Meso-America.I think that we should certainly avoid skipping any chapters.

  7. I learned how to ask for stickers and I leaned about the money in diffrent places in the world.
    I looking forward to leaned about the animals.

  8. I learned that in Astria that they had up to 250 dollar bills and that it was normal to have that and that they could buy a lot of things. 5 .I think we should avoid doing the normal things because dong projects are more fun than the normal boring things.

  9. #1. what I learned at the tour of nations is that in one of them had a big ,big torado and a lot of people died there and not that much people survived it but some people did survived. Also some babies did die there but some didn’t survive. The parents of Those kids are very,very , very sad and hurt that their kids died in that torado I be be sad ,hurt if that was my kid in that torado . So if I was their visiting there I would help those parents TO get over it pray for then that there going to be okay and not sad any more so GOD BLESS there family and there hurtness AMEN.


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