Week 35: Open House

Hello parents, and welcome to our classroom! Here are some of the things we do online that students wanted to share with you:

  1. We sometimes write on our blogs. You can find them in first column to the right under “Our Blogs”;
  2. We do activities related to what we’re studying. You can find those in the first column to the right organized by subject;
  3. We answer questions here on this blog. Here are some suggestions we made about what we should share with you;
  4. We go to this blog most Thursdays. Please leave a comment here on the blog about what you saw (remember, do not use any student names your child will tell you what their screen name is);

6 thoughts on “Week 35: Open House

  1. All the hard work of the students and the teacher shows the minute you walk into the class. I can remember the time when I was in sixth grade and the time spent in Sly Park. It is nice to see the technology being incorporated into the classroom setting. Thank you Ms. Mercer for all your hard work.

  2. Hi Giavanna,
    Well first Im glad we where able to bring this semester to an end and that we where able to help with all you’re projects and homework hope you keep doing good in school love you you’re Dad
    Ramon Morales

  3. thelego21’s Family is here with thelego21 for the Open House. We saw his sock static sock project and thelego21 asked us to sign in here at the comment box.

    – thelego21’s Dad

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