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You will be starting a new unit soon on the beginning of our nation. One of the important ideas from that time is the rights that all of us have. Please view this video:

Then comment telling me why you think we are all born with rights, and they aren’t just given to us. Two sentences please.

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  • ISAAC B.

    It is a free world you are born in the universe.

  • jimmyc.

    People should be born with rights, because if they did not they will be on street.

  • Adriana

    We have care because we were taught to be like that and be nice to people. Just because our race is different doesn’t mean that we have to be treated different.

  • Nora S.

    I learn that the government should take care of you if your mom or dad cannot get care of you. I also learned that you have rights to get care from them. You have these rights because your parents might be working and not able to care for you.

  • Christy X.

    We have the right to elect President and can do a lot of stuff if we are citizenship. We have rights if we are black or not.

  • yengk.

    We are born with rights because we have to do things . Rights are given to us because we shouldn’t have to wait to get rights.

  • shaunaz.

    We have rights because we don’t have to work. Also we need love and care.

  • Natali M.

    We are not born with the same things because our ancestors pass them down to us. This is a reason that we can’t be born with the same rights.

  • marshaunne

    God wanted us to have rights. Good governments give us have free rights.

  • See T.

    We are born with rights because if we were not born with rights then, we may have to do adult jobs right now.Our rights are not just given to us, we were given this when we were born.

  • Abigail S.

    We have rights because we need things to do. For example, go to school or go to the store.

  • julieanna

    We need education. We need the right to have stuff too. We also need a lot of love and care. You need these now.

  • Madeline C.

    I think that we are all born with rights because it doesn’t matter what your culture is or what your skin color is. Also we all have the right because if your skin color is dark then on the bus you used to have to sit all the way to the back. Rights protect you from this.

  • Jose.H

    I think it was important to kids to know about their rights. You are born with rights because you will have a lot to accomplish when you’re older and you need to be prepared for that.


    We have the rights to go to school to learn and get a education so we can get a better job.We do have the rights we can’t just wait until they will tell us we have the rights.

  • colby.d

    I think that it was good for me and others that we can not be strangled by our teachers because we have rights.

  • Angelia K.

    We have rights because we were born with them. We were born with them because we are gifted to use them to get jobs and stuff.

  • Travis.H

    Because we are different in are own ways, we don’t share the same religion, and we are not the same race or the same color we need the right to be different.


  • dayana.n

    We have the right to have education so when we grow up we can have a job that pays good money. We don’t have to work when we are little only when you are like 20 years old so we can get an education.

  • aldo

    we do have rights to do any thing we want.
    and we have rights togo to school.

  • Andy C.

    It doesn’t matter what you speak like language because other people speak different languages.Or it doesn’t matter what color you are or race.

  • david.v

    People have rights to play with other people. People have the right to go to any store.

  • vinai x.

    people could do anything that they want when they grow up.don’t call other bad name.

  • jazminc.

    I think that us kids should vote for ourselves for our own rights .And the reason that we have rights is that it protects us from lots of dangerous.

  • Mireya D.

    I think have the rights to go to school and learn and not be slow and get smart. Its also helps us be a better person ever day.

  • jose perez

    every body has rights because god gave them rights kids need their right

  • Keith S.

    A lot of people have rights to do things. I have rights to stuff too.

  • tyrek w.

    i learned that they need right because god give them right and kids need right to live and kids need to live there life.

  • dena

    i think people need to stop being racest and stop treeting people difrent!!!!!

  • cesar

    EVERYBODY should get paid as much as everybody else. Also you can eat whatever you want.

  • jason

    Take care of babes. and food and meat.

  • Ricardo B.


  • Dianal.

    We need rights because some people aren’t treated the same. Also some people and kids are abused by the way they look and their color.

  • Laquiesha

    I think the children that lives there is where they need to learn how to learn citizenship and that they need to learn there manners.

    People learn how to learn there manners by saying thank you and saying please and you welcome.

  • yasmin B.

    we have rights because we are human bean .

  • aldo

    Why did the king send the soldiers?

  • leng v.

    I think the king would like the tea.

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