Taking a Stand Lesson 2: Life under Jim Crow

January 6, 2010 by alicemercer · 59 Comments · assignments

Add your thoughts to this VoiceThread. What do you think it was like living under “Jim Crow” laws that separated blacks and whites.

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  • Akire C.

    Back in the old days black people could not go to white people schools.White people treated black people like there were nothing.

  • Yuruvith S.

    Back then,people had segregation, something that has to be separated like the black and white.They had to go to different schools and had to use different fountains and restrooms.

  • Maurice.W

    I think that it was not fair back then because they could not do a lot of stuff to do if they had freedom it would be better.

  • Jose.H

    I will be mad if i had to go though that and that is messed up.

  • richmond.e

    I think that it was unfair that black people where treated as second class people. I’m not just saying that because i am black, if white where treated unfairly i would still be upset.

  • Keith S.

    I listened to the voice thing about Jim crow and it was not fair to the black because the blacks didn’t get the sit by the whites at the movies.

  • Yeng K.

    I think it is unfair that if you are colored you have to sit on not good seats.Living with the Jim Crow laws must have been hard, because some restaurants wouldn’t serve colored people.

  • josep

    Rosa Parks went to jail because she did not want to give up her seat to a white person because she was tired and she did not want to move out of her seat thats why she went to jail

  • Xavier M.

    I was listening to comment and it was sad. I could see she wanted the job, But it suck that it was next to a army bass so it had jimcrow rules

  • RosaV.

    I think it was horbile because if u wanted to make friends with the blacks. I don’t know if my family had to live like that.

  • NataliM.

    I think it was hard at those times.Also that was very mean in those days.

  • Andrte.M.

    I think that the law was horrible because blacks and whites could not go to the same restaurant ,or go to the same schools so I think that law was mean and races.

  • steven.m

    Blacks and white could not do any thing togeter.

  • Adriana R.

    I think it is really unfair because American people get to sit in the front and the African American have to sit in the back.And if you don’t do as they tell you they can call the police, arrest you and get sent to jail.

  • SonnyT.

    the comments was sad, back in the days this girl ran away fro home an no one didn’t want to giv her a job.

  • Koua T.

    What I learned about the speech was that Jim Crow was a man who wanted freedom and no more slavery.

  • Amairani A

    I feel very bad for Africans because they had to fit for right. I feel happy because they fited for there rights.

  • TimothyV.

    What i learned about is that blacks and whites cant us the same bathrooms.The next thing is about Jim crow he just wanted free doom if i lived like he ill be crying.

  • Travis.h

    That the black people had to tech them self they cant teach withe people the white waiters wouldn’t take your order.people back then wouldn’t even help black people because white thought they was nothing for you back then.

  • Katie

    I thought that it was not right that they would not serve different people.They should all be equal.

  • Shauna z

    I think that was rude of stores and restaurants .They should not do that to different colors people.They should be equal to each others.

  • shelley v.

    i think that it was an unfair that africans had to sit in the back of the bus back than when americans went to sit in the bus.i also think living in “jim crows” law that separated blacks and whites was bad thing blacks and whites are still the same.

  • Grecia

    I think it was not fair to be a black person while you try to live in peace while white people treat you like a slave and torture you.

  • Cristina E

    I think it was a nightmare because if you wanted to be a black a whites friend you would feel like if you were a prisoner.

  • colby.d

    I would hate those laws that they would give me.I wouldn’t care what color my skin was I would go to any school I’d like.

  • Mireya D.

    I think it was unfair because a 3rd grader had to go to the railroad for a black school and 7 blocks away was a school but only for whites.Only white can sit in the front of the bus and blacks in back of the bus.I would feel so sad if i was in that situation…….

  • Abigail S.

    I think everyone should have freedom. If there was still segregation we wouldn’t be able to have the friends we have now. Back in the day they always judged people by there skin color. So if there was still segregation mostly likely some of us would get beat up by the whites.

  • leng v

    Black people have to use the colored and the white people have to use the white bathroom.Rosa park was arrested because she wouldn’t give up her set for a white person.

  • Madeline C.

    I think i will fell really sad if I was black because black should have what the white people get. If there are still segregation we wouldn’t be able to have friends we have now.

  • David.v

    There was a kid that had to ride a bus to her school that was far from her house. Rosa park was arrested because she wouldn’t give up her set for a white person.

  • See T.

    I learned that the segregation are for separating the blacks and the whites. Also, after Rosa Parks had the bus indecent, Martin Luther King made a bus boycott. Some times even the peaceful marches became violent with the whites. This is what I learned.

  • brandond

    I don t like when black people and white people could n tbe freainds. I was happy when Mr thear luther king saved us all. i also like when people dinet fight back

  • vinai x.

    If i were their i would feel sad for the blacks because the white people are treating the black so bad that they would want to killed them.

  • Christy X.

    Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat. Bus Driver told her to get up and she refused, so he called the policeman’s to came arrest her. Rosa went to jail news spread really quick, so the blacks decided to have a Boycott. No one rode the buses and they lost a lot of money when they took Rosa to jail. I would feel really mad if the busmen told me to give up my seat.

  • Cynthia Q.

    I would feel very mad an sad cause ever one needs rites. Just because some one is colored does not mean they are different.

  • yengv.

    There was segregation because it was under Jim Crows Laws.

  • Destiny H.

    I think it would be bad to live back then because all of the segregation. Right now if it was still going on none of us would be in the same class.

  • matthew

    l would not like the laws the color of my skin l would not be happy about this.jim crow would not be happy as well l would separated the black and white people.

  • larhondra

    I think black people should get to use the bus and they should be able to drink out of any water fountain and they should get to go to any school the want to and that’s what I think about pregadis.

  • Diana l.

    I would feel very sad that nobody would like my color for who I am.Also I would feel like treating them that way see how they like it.Back then the law said they had to be equal with every thing but they was not they had to bath rooms for white people for men and woman but all the blacks like men and woman had to share the same bath room.

  • DayanaN.

    If i was the people over in the 1950 i would be mad sad . I also think it would be bad living there because of the segregation . It would be bad because it is very very bad because we could get killed.

  • Lisa S.

    Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat. The bus driver told her to get up and she refuse. So the bus driver called the policemen to get up from her bus seat, she refused again. So Rosa Parks got arrested and went to jail. This is when the Boycott started.

  • Destiny G.

    If I lived under Jim crow’s laws I would move out the south and go somewhere else.

  • RicardoB.

    There was segregation. But Dr.M.L.K Jr. was the leader of the civil right movement.

  • lourdes

    I think black people should get to sit in any sit in the bus .Black people should be able to drink from any water founten they want.

  • yuruvith s.

    I think that it was unfair for blacks and whites to be separated.It would be very sad if it was still happening today.

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  • DESTiNY H.


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