Testing Review Lesson 2: What can help?

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  • ben s

    i was sucessful when my teacher said i past the benchmark 3 i didn’t know i could have did that.

  • Abigail S.

    The other method I use is to encourage myself. It’s very similar to self-talk.

  • Maria j

    I think saying positive things is good. If you only have a couple questions left and your having trouble you should tell yourself that i can do it!!

  • colby.d

    This is what can help.I would ask the teacher for help if I needed it and I would also use what I know from what my teacher taut me this year.That’s what I would do for help.

  • Diana l.

    The thing I do to focus on the test is to take brakes and always have a snack with me so I don’t start the test with out an empty stomach .The second thing is to see if I have all my stuff with me so that I am prepared.

  • brandon

    I will us self talk ,or place or and a calm place at home with my dad.
    so you now what ido on a test.

  • See T.

    The method that I would use is the positive self talk. I would use this one because it’ll make me keep on taking my test. This will be my choice.

  • Ricardo B.

    I will do calm because I want to be relax when I take the test.

  • vinai x.

    the things that could help me is that sometimes I tells the teacher that I need help the teacher would help me.

  • Destiny G.

    What I believe can help me is self talk.I think self talk can help me because I will encourage myself to do better.

  • Lisa S.

    The other strategy that can help me would be self-talk. It would use that strategy because it would help me on my CST.

  • Rosie Madrigal

    My calm place is in my house becaues it is quiet .My room is quiet so that’s my calm place.

  • yeng.v

    What I am going to do is that get good grades on the star test and go to middle school and pass that to and that is what I am going to do on my star test.

  • Christy X.

    I would use self talk because I can courage myself. I can help myself by using self talk because I will have a positive attitude when the test comes.

  • LoganP.

    I will use the breakdown complex thing to help me find the clues and words that give away the answers.

  • leng v.

    This is what can help me.I can ask the teacher for help or I can use some strategy.

  • matthew

    l can get some rest and l can do good on the test and l can use strategy on the test.

  • lourdes m

    The things that i would do to focaus on the test is to take abreak and eat a snack.

  • ELoisa V.

    When you are taking a test you should say to yourself that you can do it.

  • akire c

    I think that the think of a calm place will help.

  • Yeng K.

    This three things will help by giving you encouragement and help.

  • Jose.H

    What is going to help my on the test is to self talk. 🙁

  • Rosa V.

    I say a calm place. I say a calm place because its better to have someone by you when you your stress.

  • Natali

    When I’m stressed I think that I’m in a calm place my room.


    I think that self-talk will help me because if think positive it will help me on the C.S.T.

  • katie.n

    The thing that will help me is thinking of a calm place. I will be able to focus better on what I need to.

  • Emilia A.

    I think thinking of a calm place is much better because it relaxes me much easier and focuses me better.

  • Amairani A

    Think a calm place because it helps me relax so I can concentrate but I also have positive thoughts .

  • Jose.S

    I think the one of that i believe in myself and think that i can do it is the one that encourages me to do my best.

  • SonnyT .

    It helps me when I am calm in a quiet place like in a big field.

  • TimothyV.

    what is going to help me on the test is to self-talk about math

  • Keith S.

    When I am stressed about a test I just try to do the easiest questions first and for the hardest questions I try to cross off the answers that don’t make sense.

  • Monti.A

    When I am stressed all I do is tell my self don’t worry I can do it.

  • Adriana R.

    When I am stressed, I try to clam down and not get mad at anybody.Also I try to relax by thinking of a calm place.

  • Yuruvith S.

    When I’m stressed out I just try to calm myself down by just laying down,thinking of some place where to be and be relaxed. I go to the public library and try to read books to get the stress away from me. I also go to the park and sometimes go with my friends to forget all the stress away from what I heard or saw especially when it’s out of control.

  • Cristina E.

    When I get stressed I think what I will get from my parents and get to pik what I want.

  • Travis

    I think that if I image something nice that i can clam down easily and contracts much better.

  • Cristina E.

    When I get stressed I think what I will get from my parents and get to pick what I want.

  • shelley v.

    When I get stress at home I tried to relax and I go out side for a little to get some air then I go back inside and take a little nap.If I get stress at school I’ll just tried to relax and calm down.

  • ♥Grecia♥vega♥

    when I get stressed I try to calm down . when I cant calm down I like to remember about something fun .

  • ♥shauna♥zokal♥

    When I’m stress I count to ten and tell myself to calm down.Or I tell myself that I believe in myself.

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