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April 30, 2010 by alicemercer · 6 Comments · assignments

What is your best memory of your time at Oak Ridge? It does not just have to be a time you were in class. It could be a time with friends, a field trip, or something after school.

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  • Adriana R.

    My best time was when it was fifth grade and we had water play day. I had a lot of fun when we had to throw the sponge with water in it and many more games.Also how we had fun playing with water and some were slipping when they ran.So I mostly had a lot of fun at that time of the Water Play Day.

  • Cristina E.

    My best memory was when I got in a dance for the multicultural event. I was happy because I got to represent my country that was a dance from Mexico. This year I am also going to dance in the multicultural event again.

  • jose s

    One of my best memorizes is when i went to sly park and i went for 5 days and on one hike me and my partners went on a geocash hunt and we were with a GPS .and i got of track and i had led them to landing track for a plane. and i found a geocash and it was the geocash that the teacher had told us to find and i was the first to ever write my name in one of the sly park books.

  • Andre.M

    One good memory that I did at school is going to Sly Park.My second best memory is that wen i went to an exploratoium feild trip.My last best memory is when each Wednesday we get a extra hour to play out side.

  • Rosa V.

    One of my best memories was meeting 6 great friends like Grecia, Katie , Natali , Amairani , Yuruvith, Adriana.

  • shelley v.

    My best time was when our class beat the Mr. K’s class yesterday at lunch recess. Yesterday when our class vs their class we won, but when we do girls vs girls the girls our class lose because we have less girls, and the girls in Mr. K’s class won because they have more girls then our class.when the boys vs boys the boy in our class says this is how you do it, but the bots in our class lose two times too also because we have less boys too, and they also have more boys.Then we did boys vs girls as always and they lose as usual, so after that we did class vs class again.

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